Pat McAfee Cast: Who Are the Members of The Pat McAfee Show?

Who are the members of The Pat McAfee Show? McAfee, the former NFL punter, has changed sports media through his highly popular show on ESPN.

The Pat McAfee Show has taken the airways by storm. McAfee began his career as an NFL punter but has grown into one of the major players in the media industry. McAfee received some backlash for his transition to ESPN, as he was considered rogue and not mainstream.

The Pat McAfee Show is successful due to a blend of sports knowledge, irrelevant humor, and personality. The various personas on the show make it feel like you’re having a sports debate with your buddies.

Who Are the Hosts of The Pat McAfee Show?

Pat McAfee

The Pat McAfee Show surrounds its primary host, McAfee. McAfee has one of the strongest personalities in the sports industry. He brings his NFL playing experience and an aggressive mindset to his show but also shines during other gigs. McAfee has been a regular broadcaster on WWE’s Smackdown and collaborates on ESPN’s College GameDay.

McAfee left behind a $120 million contract with FanDuel, so the deal with ESPN must be lucrative.

A.J. Hawk

A.J. Hawk was an Ohio State legend and longtime Green Bay Packers LB. He was also an instrumental part of the Packers’ last Super Bowl championship team of 2010. Hawk brings a set of cigars with him everywhere he goes.

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones

Pacman Jones brings style and personality to the show. Jones’ NFL career was mired in controversy, but he seems to have turned over a new leaf following his playing career. Jones also has an involvement with the I Am Athlete podcast alongside former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Darius Butler

Butler brings his defensive back knowledge to the show. Butler was a former teammate of McAfee while with the Indianapolis Colts. Butler also played for the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers.

A.Q. Shipley

A.Q. Shipley is another former McAfee teammate with the Colts. McAfee has built relationships over the years that stand to this day. Shipley played from 2009 to 2020 and won a Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his final season.

Chuck Pagano

Chuck Pagano is McAfee’s former head coach during his time in Indianapolis. Pagano handles the “Coach P’s Keys” segment of the show.

Ty Schmit

Schmit is best known for his celebrity impersonations. He’s an Iowa native who’s best known by fans for his impersonations of celebrities. Schmit began as an intern in 2017 for the show and has since moved up to producer.

Other Pat McAfee Show Cast Members

  • “Boston” Connor Campbell
  • Anthony “Tone Digz” DiGuilio
  • Nick Miraldo
  • Jose “Zito” Perez
  • Mike “Dirdy” Girdy II
  • Bailey “Billy Tubes” McComas
  • Emmett “Money Mett” McMahon
  • Evan “Foxy” Fox

Also, New York Jets quarterback and four-time league Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers has been a regular guest of The Pat McAfee Show, which led to the creation of “Aaron Rodgers Tuesday” during the season and parts of the offseason. Former NFL defensive lineman and past Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt is another who makes regular appearances, including in helping breakdown defenses and edge rushers.

How Much Do The Pat McAfee Show Hosts Make?

Estimates range on the subject of pay, but from all accounts, McAfee takes care of his hosts. McAfee took heed from the knowledge Dan Patrick once bestowed on him: Take care of your employees.

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Upon completion of the previously mentioned FanDuel deal, McAfee paid each employee $50,000 and followed up with a $250,000 bonus last year. The expectation is the deal with ESPN is significantly more lucrative, so their pay structure will likely increase.

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