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    Who Are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders? A Look at the New Netflix Series ‘America’s Sweethearts’

    Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are the gold standard in the industry. We look back through history at how they became America's Sweethearts.

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    The Dallas Cowboys are known for being America’s Team, and the moniker extends to their cheerleaders, who are known as America’s Sweethearts.

    With Netflix’s new documentary set to give us unprecedented access into what it takes to be a Cowboys cheerleader, we take a closer look at the group and the history behind the most famous cheerleaders in sports.

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Take Center Stage

    Since 1961, Dallas’ cheerleaders have captivated audiences during Cowboys games. From their signature costumes to their dazzling dance moves, when it comes to the world of being a cheerleader, the pinnacle has always seemed to reside in Dallas.

    Created by Emmy award-winning director Greg Whiteley with One Potato Productions and Boardwalk Pictures, “America’s Sweethearts” documents the personal stories behind the scenes, revealing just what it takes to become and thrive as a Cowboys cheerleader, following them through the 2023–24 season.

    The series will dive into the personal lives of some team members, following them as they balance real-life responsibilities and what is necessary to be the best of the best on Sundays.

    A Look Back at the Historic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    From the inception of the Cowboys, some version of cheerleaders were right there with them. Former general manager Tex Schramm understood entertainment and marketing like no other at that time and knew that the appeal of football could be about far more than the play on the field.

    Schramm came from a television background and knew how to grab the attention of fans in the stands. That vision has changed the way the NFL and cheerleaders have been viewed since.

    What started by first using models in 1961, turned into using high school students called “CowBelles & Beaux” a year later. That idea stuck for 10 seasons until 1972 when Schramm decided to change it up and turn the production into a choreographed squad of accomplished dancers that would serve as another source of entertainment for the game itself.

    The Cowboys introduced their new cheerleaders at Texas Stadium wearing star-spangled uniforms, debuting an exciting new form of game-day entertainment. For the first time in the history of cheerleading, jazz dancing was combined with beauty and brought to a football field as another way for fans to enjoy the game-day experience.

    What was once a team of six, is now a hand-selected team of 36 individuals representing the star each season.

    The Cowboys cheerleaders have been the gold standard, a measuring stick of sorts for the rest of the industry, and other NFL organizations and other professional sports teams have adopted a similar model.

    How To Watch the New Netflix Series ‘America’s Sweethearts’

    The only way to catch the action for the upcoming documentary is on the Netflix app. The documentary will be released to viewers on June 20, with the series releasing 10 episodes.

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    With unprecedented access to America’s Team, this new documentary will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, in a way they’ve never seen them before.

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