Who Are Luke McCaffrey’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Ed and Lisa

Luke McCaffrey is an intriguing WR prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who are his parents, and what was his upbringing like?

Football is woven into Luke McCaffrey‘s DNA. With football being such a focal point of his life, the Rice Owls’ star wide receiver is set to venture into the family business as he waits for his name to be called in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft.

Before Luke’s eventual shot at the NFL, many in his household had come into the league and thrived before him, including his father. We look closer at Luke’s parents and the superstar siblings he has grown up with.

A Look At Luke McCaffrey’s Parents

McCaffrey’s parents are Ed and Lisa. Both of them had a profound impact on Luke and his siblings’ lives as they rose from childhood to adulthood. Both Ed and Lisa have helped Luke and his brothers navigate life in the world of football and everything else that comes with it.

Ed said he met Lisa at a birthday party of a mutual friend. “For me, it was love at first sight,” he recalled.

But, Lisa had a different recollection of where they met. According to Lisa, they were in a trainer’s room where she was getting taped. “If he doesn’t remember, it’s because he was this big-time football player, and I was just this little soccer player,” she quipped.


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Getting To Know Ed McCaffrey

Ed McCaffrey is the patriarch of an impressive football family. Ed played wide receiver in the NFL for 13 seasons. He played for three NFL teams during his career but is most known for his time with the Denver Broncos.

Ed’s final season in the NFL came in 2003, and he finished his impressive career with 565 receptions, 7,422 receiving yards, and 55 touchdowns as well as two Super Bowl titles.

Currently, Ed is still in football, but as a coach. He coaches at Northern Colorado, where he has been since 2020.

Getting To Know Lisa McCaffrey

The men of the family aren’t the only ones with athletic ability, as Luke’s mom, Lisa, can more than hold her own in an athletic setting as well.

Apart from running, Lisa lettered four times in tennis and received Vanderbilt’s first-ever women’s soccer scholarship, but she turned it down to go to Stanford. Although the university had no official soccer team, Lisa played for the Cardinal for three years.

“Sports taught me a lot,” she said. “It makes you realize that you can handle just about anything.”

Lisa is the daughter of Olympic sprinter Dave Sime and was a soccer player at Stanford University, where she met Ed while they were in college together. While Lisa doesn’t have the same fanfare as Luke’s father or brothers, she is the rock of the family and a source of comfort for him and his siblings.

Despite being two athletic stars, Ed and Lisa did not push their children into playing sports.

“Who knows if they are going to be talented or not,” Lisa told The Denver Post. “But I want them to be involved in what they love. If that’s books or music, that’s a good thing, too.”

Does McCaffrey Have any Siblings?

Yes, Luke has three siblings, with one superstar older brother in Christian. If you follow the NFL at all, you know who Christian McCaffrey is. The superstar San Francisco 49ers RB torments defenses on Sundays, but to Luke, that’s just his big bro.

Luke is the youngest of four brothers, with the eldest being Max and the group being rounded out by a middle child, Dylan.

All four brothers have followed in their father’s footsteps in football. Max, just like his dad and brother Christian, has made it to the NFL.

Max played college football at Duke University, where he was a wide receiver. While he wasn’t highly drafted like his younger brother Christian, Max was on the rosters of several different NFL teams from 2016 to 2018, including most recently, the 49ers.

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Dylan was the second-highest-rated QB in the country coming out of high school and highly recruited where he was offered dozens of scholarships before deciding to play for the University of Michigan.

Dylan would eventually transfer to North Colorado in 2021, where he is still currently playing.

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