Who Are Jared Verse’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Eric and Jannienne

Florida State's Jared Verse is considered a top player in the 2024 class. Who are his parents and what was his upbringing like?

Jared Verse is considered one of the top defensive players entering the 2024 NFL Draft. As we get closer to the start of the selection process, it’s time to get to know the family behind the former Florida State star.

A Look at Jared Verse’s Parents

Verse was born on Nov. 4, 2000, to Eric and Jannienne Verse. The family moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania for his father’s job. From there, Verse was a track star for Central Columbia High School but did not receive any offers from Division 1 schools when it came to football.

In the end, the young prospect agreed to play for Albany for his first two college seasons. During that time, Verse only played in 15 games due to a COVID-19-shortened season but recorded 13.5 sacks. Following his 2021 season with the Great Danes, Verse decided to transfer to Florida State, where he became a force on the edge and a top overall prospect.

“He did everything the right way,” Albany defensive line coach Bill Nesselt told ESPN. “Obviously, we would have loved for him to stay because you don’t want your program guys to leave, but at the end of the day, it’s good for him. I believe it’s good for our program. We’re proud of him.”

By leaving Albany on good terms, Verse reflected the kind of strong and professional upbringing his parents gave him.

Getting To Know Verse’s Father Eric

Eric Verse is Jared’s father, and he has been a stabilizing force in the defender’s life. Eric works in a hospital and was the reason the family moved to Pennsylvania early in Jared’s life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Eric and his wife set up a home gym and provided Jared with nutritious, high-calorie meals to aid his training efforts when the defender was playing at Albany for three seasons.

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“My parents pushed me. They made sure I knew what I could do if I worked hard,” Verse told ESPN. “Working so hard, you build a confidence. So I was like, ‘I worked so hard for this, I can’t let anyone get in my way.'”

In a way, Jared’s successful college career at Florida State may not have happened had his family not been so supportive in his quest to reach his goals. From training in his own home with his parents to their assistance with proper nutrition and guidance on where to continue with his college career, Eric and Jannienne have been instrumental in Jared’s success.

Getting To Know Verse’s Mother Jannienne

Jannienne may also have been a help to Jared’s athletic climb, but it’s her handling of her son off the field that has helped the young Verse reach his full potential.

“My mom knows more than me,” Jared told Essentially Sports in a postcard. “It’s good to sit down with my family, look at everything, and lay it out.”

When Verse was considering a transfer to a different school entering the 2022 season, the edge defender acknowledged that he got advice from his whole family before making the key decision.

“I disappeared. I went off on my own because this was a big decision,” Jared said. “I got my family’s input, my brothers, my sisters, a couple of really close friends, my parents. I did end up coming to a decision myself, so I just went downstairs, told my parents, and they were excited.”

Jannienne and her husband have raised a strong family based on support and love, and it’s a driving force that helped Jared be the college player he was.

Does Verse Have Any Siblings?

The edge defender is one of six children in the family, and his siblings have also helped Jared reach the pinnacle of his profession to this point.

Jared has three sisters: Soleil, Aneira, and Miyah. He also has two brothers, Aaron and Terrance, who both pursued majors in engineering.

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The Verse family story is one of support and love for one another even when difficult times arise. It’s a driving force, too, that makes the Florida State star one of the top up-and-coming players in the country.

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