Who Are Adonai Mitchell’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Norman and Darcy

Adonai Mitchell is an intriguing WR prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who are his parents and what was his upbringing like?

Adonai Mitchell is an intriguing wide receiver prospect who played for both Georgia and Texas in college.

Mitchell has a chance to hear his name called on the first night of the upcoming NFL Draft, as he is one of the top WR prospects in the class.

We look closer at his parents and the upbringing that has helped get him to this point in his career.

A Look at Adonai Mitchell’s Parents

Adonai is the son of Norman and Darcy. He comes from a loving and supportive dynamic that truly puts family first above all else.

Whether it is cheering on Adonai on the football field or being a supportive grandparent for their granddaughter, the Mitchell family makes sure that the family life is taken care of before all else.

Getting To Know Adonai’s Father, Norman

Norman is a strong, important figure in his son’s life.

The Mitchell family comes from Missouri City, Texas, and it was the home roots, coupled with good advice from Norman, that led Adonai back to his home state for the end of his college career.

Adonai started his college football career at the University of Georgia and was experiencing great personal and team success with the Bulldogs. Despite that, Mitchell decided to transfer to Texas and did so to be closer to his daughter, Icylinn.

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It was his father, Norman, who helped him make that decision, a decision that Adonai did not take lightly.

“He struggled a lot with her being so far away,” said Norman. “And, at the end of the day, it was a decision to be closer to his daughter.”

“My job as a father was to make sure he’s a man and take care of his responsibilities as a dad,” Norman added. “I’m so proud of him.”


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Adonai knew what the right thing to do was, and his father made sure to be a strong guiding light for him. It is this instance of maturity that highlights the father-son relationship the two have.

Getting To Know Adonai’s Mother, Darcy

Much like her husband, Darcy is all about family and community.

The Bridgeport, Conn. native doesn’t have much public information known about her, as she lives a quiet life. However, what is known is that both she and her husband are adamant about giving back to her community.

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The couple has dedicated their lives to The Bee Busy Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to help underprivileged and discriminated people with testing, substance abuse intervention, and adolescent health education.

Darcy serves as the CEO, and the cause has been a great success within their community. The foundation has received over $20.7 million since it started in 2000.

As Adonai is on the doorstep of reaching his goals, it’s clear to see that he is not short on support or guidance in his personal life.

Does Mitchell Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Adonai has three siblings: Ariel, Amenofis, and Anshar.

Not much is known about the three siblings other than the fact that they all love and support one another and will be close by as Adonai sees his dreams come true during the 2024 NFL Draft.

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