Which 3 Players Should Netflix’s Quarterback Follow in 2023?

Netflix announced a second season of their documentary serial, Quarterback. Which three quarterbacks would best fit for the 2023 season?

Netflix announced a second season for their documentary serial “Quarterback,” which followed the lives of three NFL quarterbacks throughout the 2022 season. Those players — Marcus Mariota, Kirk Cousins, and Patrick Mahomes — let the production companies owned by Peyton Manning and Mahomes into their lives.

The three quarterbacks selected for the series ended up ranging the gamut in terms of season-long success, with Mariota benched for a rookie, Cousins driving home after an early playoff exit, and Mahomes winning the Super Bowl.

Netflix’s Quarterback Chose 3 Good Storylines in 2022

When Netflix selected these quarterbacks at the beginning of the season, they, of course, couldn’t have predicted that we’d see these specific results. But they did have an idea that there were three broad classes of talent they were dealing with. It made for good television and allowed fans to look inside the physical and mental struggles involved at all stages of the process.

Netflix — or more accurately, the Omaha Productions and 2PM Productions — aren’t just going to follow the same three QBs again. Instead, they’ll have to strike deals with three other quarterbacks, who will also have to get permission from their respective teams to film in the facility and during games.

Given how sympathetic the coverage was in season one, it may not be too difficult for the show to find other quarterbacks to profile throughout the season. However, some teams will always view this sort of thing with skepticism.

Nevertheless, most teams and quarterbacks will likely have some interest in it, especially given the positive press that an oft-criticized QB like Cousins received. Let’s take a look at which quarterbacks it would be most entertaining to follow for the 2023 season.

Which 3 Quarterbacks Should Netflix Follow in 2023?

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

It wouldn’t be surprising to see one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL featured on the show again. It was nice to see Mahomes have his incredible moments from a different perspective.

While it can sometimes get boring seeing a dominant player continue to be dominant, we did get to see a slightly different side of Mahomes as he marched toward the Super Bowl. And it reinforced the appreciation NFL fans have for what Mahomes accomplished.

Having another quarterback at the top of the game but with a monkey on his back might make for an interesting narrative twist. Josh Allen has a magnetic personality and a goofy image, but that could be contrasted with the dedication he’s given to the game. Allen’s NFL journey has been unique, and a series that follows him and the Buffalo Bills could be fascinating.

Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

Understandably, Quarterback did not follow any rookies. There are already enough demands on their time and bandwidth as it is, and the added distraction of a camera crew would be unwelcome.

It’s unlikely that the Colts would agree to their presence. But if we dispense with predicting which quarterbacks will be on the show and instead choose the most interesting storylines, it’s hard to avoid Anthony Richardson.

Not only would this provide us with something we didn’t get to see in season one with a rookie at the helm, but Richardson is also arguably the most compelling story out of the rookie QBs slated to start. He had so few games under his belt at Florida and comes into the league as an enormous projection.

At the same time, Richardson’s a physical wonder whose highlight reel should look impressive even if he has a disappointing season. On top of that, he’s a charismatic player who can capture the camera’s attention.

Adding this dynamic to the show would enrich the experience, especially because we were already confident in the general trajectories of the quarterbacks featured in the first season.

Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield is a fascinating personality who has been willing to combat the media directly. While his seemingly reckless attitude towards public relations wore thin near the end of his tenure with the Cleveland Browns, having access to another side of his personality could paint a more complete picture of the quarterback.

It also happens to be the case that any three-plot structure needs to contrast the plots pretty substantially. While Richardson and Allen are worlds apart in their regard among NFL evaluators, both have pretty solid holds on their jobs. Mayfield does not.

In the same way that Mariota’s battle to retain his job could have provided some exciting drama to round out some of the less tense moments in the Cousins and Mahomes storylines, Mayfield’s tenuous hold on the starting job in Tampa Bay and his personality could provide some exciting contrast to what Allen and Richardson provide.

The Mariota sections of the show dragged on a little bit, and it was clear that he wasn’t as connected to the camera as other quarterbacks might be and was a little bit less willing to give the crew more candid details. That wouldn’t be a problem with Mayfield, who is outspoken but still charismatic.

The show needs more than three good quarterbacks — it needs contrast, excitement, and intrigue. A slate of these three QBs could do that all without sacrificing the camera presence so often lacking among non-entertainers.

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