Where will USFL games be played? Location during regular season, playoffs, and more

Where will USFL games be played in 2022? PFN has all the info you need for which locations the USFL chose for the regular and postseason.

The United States Football League is preparing to start its inaugural season on April 16, 2022. The USFL plans to have a 10-week season running through mid-June, followed by the postseason. So far, the league has only announced dates for the first three weeks. But where will the USFL games be played, and at what location will the teams host their games? Continue reading below for all the information about where the USFL will play their games.

USFL’s location for regular-season games

The regular season starts this Saturday, April 16, when the New Jersey Generals take on the Birmingham Stallions at 7:30 PM. FOX and NBC will broadcast the first USFL game of the season. While Birmingham will open the season, do not mistake this as a home game (although they’ll have some advantage as the only true home team). This season, the USFL plans to play all of its games in Birmingham, Alabama, with games at Protective Stadium and Legion Field.

Protective Stadium will serve as the home of the USFL. However, it’s unclear if the other teams will establish hubs outside Birmingham after the inaugural season. Where will the playoffs be hosted with the locations set for the USFL’s regular-season games?

Is the USFL’s postseason in Birmingham as well?

While the USFL will play the regular season in Alabama, plans for the inaugural playoff and championship games are different.

The USFL will head to Canton, Ohio to play its postseason at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. The stadium’s location should not only draw fans to the game, but it is also adjacent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, making it a high-profile football destination.

The semifinal games kick off on Saturday, June 25, featuring the top two teams from each division. The winners get eight days between the semis and the USFL Championship Game on Sunday, July 3.

“It’s a beautiful stadium with all the facilities necessary to host football at the highest level,” explained USFL Executive Vice President and Business Operations Edward Hartman. “We look forward to crowning our first champion in the shadow of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

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