Where will Antonio Brown play in 2022? Chiefs, Browns, Dolphins, and Cowboys could all make sense

    With Antonio Brown claiming there are teams interested in him for 2022, let's examine some potential landing spots for the divisive WR.

    After WR Antonio Brown indicated this week that there are teams interested in him playing for them in 2022, where could he wind up next season? Let’s examine Brown’s numbers from this past season and which teams might be in the market for the former Buccaneers WR.

    Antonio Brown largely performed well when he was on the field in 2021

    Brown’s numbers from 2021 were certainly impressive in the games he was on the field. The WR played seven games for the Buccaneers, pulling in 42 receptions for 545 yards and 4 touchdowns. Brown averaged 13.0 yards per reception and 77.9 yards per contest. Those numbers even include the game where he walked off the field midway through against the Jets.

    There are of course concerns with Brown. He missed a number of games because of injury, was suspended three games, and of course, had the ugly ending to his time with the Buccaneers. Those elements will certainly play in when a team considers signing him. However, as we have often seen around the NFL, a talented player will nearly always find a home somewhere. Let’s examine where Brown could be set to play in 2022.

    The Kansas City Chiefs rarely shy away from a “project player”

    Look at the Chiefs’ roster, and you will find examples of why they might be willing to take a chance on Brown. If the Kansas City front office sees a talented player, they are prepared to work to overcome the off-the-field concerns. Tyreek Hill and Willie Gay are prime examples, while the recent signing of Damon Arnette is a further illustration of their inclination to value talent over everything.

    The only thing that might stop the Chiefs is need. Yes, they need another talented pass catcher, but for the role Brown would fill, the issues might not be worth it. Ultimately, how the 2021-22 season plays out might be crucial. If the Chiefs lose and they deem their receivers to be the issue, it might force their hand.

    The Cleveland Browns could certainly use a receiver of Brown’s caliber

    This would be a tough one for the Browns when it comes to bringing in Brown. Much like the Chiefs, they do not shy away from character concerns. However, after the destructive effect of the Odell Beckham Jr. saga, Cleveland might be a bit cautious going down the route of a character concern at receiver again.

    Financially, adding Brown would make sense. Given his off-the-field issues, he would not cost a lot. Additionally, the Browns could move on from Jarvis Landry and save close to $15 million in cap space. Swapping Landry for Brown would save the Browns around $10-13 million in cap space and likely not result in a huge drop-off in production.

    Would the Miami Dolphins be willing to take the risk on Brown?

    The question for Miami when it comes to Brown would be the trade-off between instantly trying to make themselves a better team and dealing with the potential fallout of adding Brown. There is no doubt that having Brown on the field would make the roster better. He is a talented receiver and would help Tua Tagovailoa immensely.

    The concern for the Dolphins is that they are a relatively young team on offense. Therefore, Brown could potentially have a destabilizing effect if he dominates among the younger players. It would be a risk, but the Dolphins need to find out if Tua is for real — and the best way to do that is to surround him with talent.

    The Dallas Cowboys could be an ideal landing spot

    The Cowboys have a lot of questions to answer at WR this offseason. Will they bring back Michael Gallup or Cedrick Wilson? What are they going to do with Amari Cooper? There is certainly a case to be made that bringing in Brown on a heavily incentive-laden contract would answer both of those concerns.

    Adding Brown opposite CeeDee Lamb would make the decision to move on from Cooper and save that cap space easier. That would then give Dallas the flexibility to explore bringing back Gallup or Wilson in a third receiver role. Additionally, the Cowboys have enough veterans on their roster to absorb Brown. The likes of Ezekiel Elliott, Tyron Smith, and Zack Martin would provide a firm veteran base for Brown to fit into.

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