When Is the NFL Trade Deadline? Everything to Know About the 2023 Trade Deadline

When is the NFL trade deadline? Let's take a look at the date in which NFL teams have to submit all trades by.

With the NFL regular season fast approaching and teams across the league wheeling and dealing players and draft picks, one may ask, “When is the NFL trade deadline?” Let’s examine when all trade movements will cease this year.

What Is the NFL Trade Deadline Date in 2023?

The NFL trade deadline this season is Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. ET. All transactions that are from team to team must be in and submitted no later than the deadline to be processed.

Across the league, there were several moves made ahead of the cutdown deadline. Teams have looked to improve their rosters by trading draft capital or, in some instances, straight-up player-for-player deals. They’ll continue to have that option until the last of October.

NFL Trade Deadline FAQ

When Is the NFL Trade Deadline?

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 31.

What Time Is the NFL Trade Deadline?

The official NFL trade deadline expires at 4 p.m. ET.

How Long Has the Trade Deadline Existed?

The NFL has always had a trade deadline, but the league was once more stringent than it is now regarding its execution. Prior to 2012, the NFL’s trade deadline followed Week 6. In 2012, the league agreed to extend the trade deadline to after Week 8, providing teams more insight into their chances of competing in the current year.

Over the years, the NFL has earned a reputation for inactivity, at least when compared to other US sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NHL. There are a few reasons for that.

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NFL front offices are reluctant to deal future draft picks for current players, many of which on large salaries, or asking for larger salaries and extended contracts.

NFL front offices believe they can draft suitable replacements with premium draft picks at a fraction of the cost of what it takes to retain a veteran looking for a new deal. Finding starting-caliber players on rookie contracts are worth their weight in gold because it provides teams with cap flexibility to fill out their roster and make their team stronger across the board.

Why Is There an NFL Trade Deadline?

Hark back to why the NFL trade deadline was established in the first place. The NFL, as much as any professional sport in existence, thrives on parity. The fact that every season there are a 1/2 dozen new teams in the playoffs illustrates the amount of turnover in the league.

The league thrives on this. Every fan base has hope this could be THE YEAR for their team.

The NFL trade deadline enforces these principles. The NFL wants competitive balance and integrity above all else and doesn’t want major market teams taking advantage of smaller market teams.

The NFL doesn’t want the strong teams getting stronger and the weak teams getting weaker. Aligning a deadline for any trades for this calendar league year makes sense to ensure the balance of power.

Can an NFL Player Prevent a Trade From Happening?

A player may veto a potential trade if they have a no-trade clause in their contract with the team.

What Is a No-Trade Clause?

A no-trade clause is a stipulation in a contract that gives more power to the player and allows them to veto any trade the organization is trying to make.

Notable Dates in the 2023 NFL Calendar

NFL Kickoff: Chiefs vs. Lions | Sept. 7

The NFL season officially kicks off with the up-and-coming Detroit Lions taking on the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Fall League Meetings | Oct. 17-18

NFL owners come together and meet every spring and fall to discuss the state of the league. Commissioner Roger Goodell is there as well as the powers that be look to discuss league business in an official capacity.

Tagged Players Must Report | Nov. 14

If any player has not signed their franchise tag and hopes to gain an accrued season while still being eligible in 2023, then they have to report by this day if they want to play a single down in 2023. This goes for any players given the franchise tag or transition tag.

Front Office Accelerator | Dec. 12-13

The Front Office Accelerator program is intended to help minority candidates in front offices gain exposure and assistance toward promotions by providing networking retreats and learning with the goal of expanding their knowledge and meeting NFL owners.

Roster Updates Lifted | Jan. 8

NFL teams who don’t make it to the postseason are allowed to sign free agents to reserve/futures contracts and begin their offseason work.

NFL Wild Card Weekend | Jan. 13-15

The first round of the NFL postseason gets underway. The No. 1 seeds get an initial bye before playing in the Divisional Round.

College Prospects Must Declare | Jan. 15

If a college player wants to forgo his final season(s) of eligibility in order to declare for the NFL Draft, he must do so by this date.

Divisional Round | Jan. 20-21

First-round seeds enter the picture, and the NFL playoffs will be whittled down to a final four after this weekend’s slate of games.

Conference Championship Weekend | Jan. 28

The four teams remaining face off to determine who will represent their conference in the Super Bowl.

Pro Bowl Games Scheduled | Feb. 4

The league’s best players all come together for a week of competition and fan engagement.

Super Bowl LVIII | Feb. 11

The two best teams in the NFL square off in Las Vegas to be crowned Super Bowl champions.

From the current NFL standings to team depth charts to coverage of every game in the 18-week NFL schedule, we have all the news from around the league to keep you up to speed!

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