When is the fantasy football trade deadline on different platforms?

Let's take a look at when the all-important fantasy football trade deadlines are across Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, and other popular platforms.

Regardless of whether you play fantasy football on Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, or one of the other popular names, trading and knowing your trade deadline is a crucial part of any league. A trade allows you to do whatever it takes to acquire that player you have been eyeing all season. Additionally, you can swap out huge chunks of your roster for other talented players in one swoop. However, make sure you know when your league’s trade deadline is. Don’t get caught wondering why you can’t trade in fantasy football!

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Most common fantasy football trade deadlines

The majority of fantasy leagues have a trade deadline, at which point the ability to make drastic changes to your team is stripped away. Knowing when your trade deadline passes is a crucial part of setting up your strategy, whether for this year’s playoffs or the future of your dynasty.

Many of those major fantasy sites have “standard” trade deadlines for their leagues. If you play in a public league or your commissioner has altered the deadline, you will likely find that your window for trades closes on the dates below.

Yahoo Fantasy Football

On Yahoo, the standard fantasy football trade deadline, which also applies to their public leagues, is Saturday, November 20, at 11:59 PM PT. Of the major sites, Yahoo has the latest standard cut-off time for trades. Be aware that this deadline is customizable for private leagues. Check your individual league settings to ensure you have a clear picture.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

The ESPN standard fantasy football trade deadline for private and public leagues is set for Wednesday, December 1, at 12 PM ET. Also, like Yahoo, deadlines can be adjusted for private leagues, so check individual league settings to ensure you have the gist.

CBS Sports Fantasy

The CBS Sports standard fantasy football trade deadline is set for Friday, November 19, at 11:59:59 PM ET. Like the two aforementioned platforms, CBS allows commissioners to customize trade deadline dates, so check your specific league settings.

Platforms without set fantasy football trade deadlines

While Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS house most fantasy football players, the leagues below have their own set of rules centered on the trade deadline. When are the fantasy football trade deadlines for Sleeper, Fantrax, Fleaflicker, and MyFantasyLeague?


Sleeper does not have a standard fantasy football trade deadline, but they limit the commissioner’s options. The window for the trade deadline is between Weeks 11-14, with the possibility of having no trade deadline at all if the commissioner so desires. However, Sleeper does define the time that the trading window locks.

If you select Week 11, then no more trading can occur after waivers clear following the conclusion of Week 11. Therefore, this would usually be the Wednesday following Week 11. Yet, waivers are customizable on a league-by-league basis, so be sure to check your league ahead of time.

Fantrax, Fleaflicker, and MyFantasyLeague

Fantrax, Fleaflicker, and MyFantasyLeague do not have a standard trade deadline that they recommend. Each platform has highly customizable formatting settings, providing commissioners with multiple options when it comes to trade deadlines. Be sure to check your leagues for the trade deadline ahead of time. Or do it right now if you have a habit of procrastinating.

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