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    When Is the Fantasy Football Trade Deadline on Different Platforms?

    What are the fantasy football trade deadlines across ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, and the other most common platforms in the 2022 NFL season?

    As we reach the second half of the 2022 fantasy football season, it is crucial to know the trade deadline for your league. The quickest way to significantly impact your team’s potential is via a trade, and that window is now on the verge of closing.

    Let’s take a look at when the fantasy trade deadlines for the likes of Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS Sports are, as well as the various deadlines across the other commonly used platforms.

    Most Common Fantasy Football Trade Deadlines

    Regardless of whether you play in redraft or dynasty leagues, a large number will have trade deadlines. Having these restrictions can help to prevent collusion between challenging and non-challenging teams late in the year.

    However, the fantasy trade deadlines also mean that once you pass that point, it is hard to make significant changes to your roster. While you can still add and drop players, the quality of talent available on the waiver is usually significantly lower than what can be acquired via trade.

    The majority of fantasy sites have what they refer to as their standard or default trade deadline. In private leagues, that date can often be altered by the commissioner, so it is worth checking when your specific league deadline is. However, if you play in public leagues, you will likely find that the end of the trading window is on the dates listed below.

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    The Yahoo default trade deadline is set for Saturday, Nov. 19, at 11:59 p.m. PT. Therefore, fantasy managers will not be able to make trades in those leagues after the Saturday of Week 11.

    ESPN Fantasy Sports

    The ESPN default trading deadline comes a little bit later, allowing fantasy managers to make trades through the Thanksgiving weekend. This year, the ESPN trade deadline is set for Wednesday, Nov. 30, at 12 p.m. ET.

    CBS Sports Fantasy

    The CBS Sports standard fantasy football trade deadline is usually the first to occur in a season. In 2022, it is set for Thursday, Nov. 17, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

    Platforms Without Set Fantasy Football Trade Deadlines

    Historically, the most popular platforms for fantasy football leagues have been CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo. However, several other sites have been becoming more popular in recent years. A big part of their popularity has been their ability to customize various settings.

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    Therefore, these platforms offer extremely customizable elements such as trade deadlines. Let’s take a look at when the potential fantasy football trade deadlines are across those platforms.


    Sleeper does not have a standard fantasy football trade deadline, but they do limit the options available to the commissioner. The window for the trade deadline is between Weeks 9 and 14. There is also the possibility of having no trade deadline at all if the commissioner so desires. What Sleeper does define is the time that the trading window locks.

    For example, if you select Week 11, managers must accept trades before the end of the final game of Week 11. In 2022, that means any trades would have to finalize before the end of the Monday Night Football game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers.

    Fantrax, Fleaflicker, and MyFantasyLeague

    Fantrax, Fleaflicker, and MyFantasyLeague do not have a standard trade deadline that they recommend. Each platform has highly customizable formatting settings, providing commissioners with multiple options when it comes to trade deadlines.

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