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    What Time is the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show? R&B Legend Usher to Take the Stage Later in the Night

    Will fans have to wait one hour for Usher to come on stage? Or two hours after kickoff? Here's when his Super Bowl halftime show should start.

    Fans who tune in or sit inside Allegiant Stadium will stare at their watches for these three moments on Sunday.

    The three are: When the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs hit the field, if and when Taylor Swift shows up, and lastly, when Usher hits the stage.

    But is there a set time for when the latter will happen during Super Bowl 58?

    Estimated Start Time for Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Unfortunately for the music fans who are awaiting for the Grammy-winning Usher to have the field to himself, there’s no real set start time for his Super Bowl halftime show.

    Yes, the stage will be set up, and Usher will have his vocal chords and dance moves ready to go once the Chiefs and 49ers retreat to the locker room. But again, there’s no hard and fast time.

    Instead, fans will be given an approximate time for when Usher will belt out his first song.

    Depending on the flow of the game itself, Usher could see the stage approximately 90 minutes after opening kickoff. Since the game has a 6:30 p.m. ET kickoff, that means Usher could take the Allegiant Stadium field by 8 p.m ET.

    However, some games have had longer first halves. Fans could be in for a two-hour wait — meaning an approximate 8:30 p.m. ET start time.

    From there, Usher — like past performers for the Super Bowl halftime event — will be given 13 minutes to perform before the two teams return to the football field.

    Has Usher Revealed What Songs He’ll Sing?

    Usher has admitted in interviews that he’s struggling to cram nearly 30 years of music into one show.

    On that note, there’s going speculation that Usher’s show will shatter the record for longest halftime performance ever. Usher has claimed that his rehearsals have lasted 15 minutes — leading to the belief his show won’t fit the allotted and required 13 minutes performers are given.

    Considering his high volume of his singles, it’s easy to see why Usher is struggling with weeding out which songs are worth performing.

    Fans on the internet are speculating Usher will set the tone with his smash hit from 2004 “Yeah!” alongside Lil’ Jon and Ludacris. But Usher has other options with which to start, from the up tempo “DJ Got us Fallin’ in Love Again,” to his 1997 hit “My Way” all the way to the more slower hits “Nice and Slow” and “Let it Burn.”

    There are fans who have taken to streaming music services to create a master playlist of what Usher is anticipated to perform. He weighed in on that in an interview with Apple Music.

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    “There’s been these fantasy lists going out and people trying to figure out what song I’m going to perform first, middle, and last, and who’s going to come on the stage with me,” he said in an interview with Apple Music. “I was very mindful of my past, celebrating my presence which is here in Las Vegas [in my residency], and thinking about where we’re headed in the future.”

    Fans will likely have to wait until at least 8 p.m. ET to find out for themselves.

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