What teams has Chase Daniel played for, and what is his net worth?

Chase Daniel has had a bizarre-looking career in terms of the numbers, but how many teams has he played for, and what is his net worth?

In 2021, Chase Daniel added another team to his incredible NFL career. Let’s take a look at Daniel’s career since he entered the league in 2009 and the net worth he’s amassed during that time.

Chase Daniel’s NFL teams

The Los Angeles Chargers became Daniel’s sixth team and the fifth different division he’s played in during his career.

  • New Orleans Saints (2009-2012, 2017)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (2013-2015)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2016)
  • Chicago Bears (2018-2019)
  • Detroit Lions (2020)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (2021-2022)

A strange-looking career

There is nothing unusual about a quarterback being in the league for over 10 years. However, what is somewhat strange is when that quarterback plays on as many teams as he has career games started. While Daniel has been credited with playing in 69 games, he has started just five games during his career.

Backing up Drew Brees in New Orleans

After being signed as an undrafted free agent by Washington in 2009, Daniel was released at roster cutdowns and landed on the Saints’ practice squad. He remained there for just a couple of weeks before being promoted to the main roster.

During the 2009 season, Daniel bounced between the roster, the practice squad, and being a free agent. While Daniel did not play that season, he was part of the Super Bowl XLIV-winning team.

Daniel would subsequently compete for the Saints’ backup role in 2010. He beat out Patrick Ramsey, serving as the backup to Drew Brees for three years. During his time in New Orleans, Daniel threw just nine passes, completing seven for 55 yards.

Chase Daniel’s first career start came in Kansas City

Signed as the backup to Alex Smith in 2013, Daniel made his first career start. With the Chiefs set as the No. 5 seed, Daniel started in a 27-24 overtime loss to the Chargers.

Daniel would then make his second career start in 2014, once again in Week 17. This time he led the Chiefs to a victory over the Chargers, eliminating them from playoff contention in the process.

Daniel spent his final season in Kansas City in 2015, throwing just two passes. When his career with the Chiefs finished, Daniel had a 1-1 record, completing 43 of 68 passes for 409 yards and a touchdown.

Daniel’s path to the NFC North

Daniel threw just one pass between the 2016 and 2017 seasons. However, that led him to the Chicago Bears, where he had the most successful stint of his career. His third career start came in the Bears’ Thanksgiving tilt against the Lions, which the team won 23-16.

Daniel would start again the following week, but the Bears would lose 30-27 in overtime to the Giants. The starting role then went back to Mitchell Trubisky after his recovery from injury. Daniel then returned as a starter for the Bears’ trip to London in 2019, where Chicago lost 24-21 to the then-Oakland Raiders.

At the end of his Bears’ career, Daniel had a 1-2 record, completing 98 of 140 passes for 950 yards, six touchdowns, and four interceptions.

He spent the 2020 season in Detroit, where he threw the third-most passes of any season in his career despite not starting any games. He finished with 264 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions with a 67.4 completion percentage.

Chase Daniel’s net worth

In 2021, Daniel did not throw a single pass and played just five snaps with the Los Angeles Chargers. And despite starting just five games and throwing just 261 passes in his career, Daniel reportedly has career earnings of $36 million. Let’s take a look at how he has earned his money during his career.

Daniel’s contracts in the NFL

Daniel’s career started on the Saints’ practice squad in 2009, earning him $265,000 prior to his promotion. He then signed a three-year contract worth $1.2 million, which was immediately followed by a one-year extension in 2012 worth $1 million.

As a free agent, Daniel signed a three-year contract with Kansas City worth $10 million. After spending all three years with the Chiefs, he moved to the Eagles on a three-year, $21 million contract. However, he was granted his release after just one season but still earned $11.1 million for the year.

After being released, Daniel returned to the Saints, earning $900,000 for the year. Then, his career veered to the NFC North, first with the Bears on a two-year, $10 million contract, and then with the Lions. The contract with the Lions was originally a three-year, $13.1 million deal, but Daniel was released after one year, earning $3.5 million for the season.

In 2021, Daniel played on a one-year contract with the Chargers. The deal was worth $1.1 million before he became a free agent. He’s returned to the Chargers on another one-year deal now worth $2 million.

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