What Point Does Micah Parsons Aim To Prove in Sunday’s Game Against the Eagles?

Micah Parsons discusses what point he wants to prove in Sunday's game and why he thinks there's a lack of holding calls against edge rushers.

Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons broke down some key focal points ahead of Sunday’s divisional matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

He emphasized the intensity of Sunday’s game — the Cowboys will continue to keep fighting for a divisional title and the top seed from the NFC in the playoffs against a very good Eagles squad.

“It’s always one of the biggest games in football — if not the biggest,” Parsons said. “The intensity is always high. The emotions are high. Everyone wants to win. It’s a brawl.”

The third-year veteran described it as a game you always need to ensure the “ice bags are ready” for.

The Cowboys are going into this game with the chance to take the No. 1 seed in the NFC East, but this doesn’t change how Parsons sees the game, as he has a must-win mindset for any game they play.

As for what a win would mean for the confidence of the Cowboys moving forward, Parsons said Sunday is about winning and dominating.

“I just think you want to go out there and make a point at some point throughout the season. And no matter who’s in front of you just beat the hell out of them,” Parsons said.

Micah Parsons’ Takeaways From the Philadelphia Eagles’ Loss

The Eagles are coming off their second loss of the season, this one to the San Francisco 49ers. Parsons said he watched the game and noticed that the 49ers made the Eagles earn everything by keeping the ball in front of him.

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“[The 49ers] didn’t give up no big plays, and that’s always the key. When you got an explosive team like the Eagles, they’re very explosive, and they did a great job containing [Jalen] Hurts,” Parsons said.

He feels good about the edge rushers the Cowboys have on the roster, who he thinks will get after Jalen Hurts well in the matchup.

Parsons Discusses Lack of Holding Penalties 

One of the Cowboys’ downfalls during their Week 9 loss to the Eagles was the number of penalties drawn in the game. They had 10 total penalties for 83 yards.

A prominent focal point in this game for the Cowboys is minimizing the number of penalties called on them. Still, Parsons has been very vocal about the lack of holding calls drawn when it happens regularly against him and other defensive players.

Parsons said it’s something that fans, the media, and other teams have noticed.

“It’s not something that they’re not making an emphasis on, and they want teams to score a lot of points. At the end of the day, that’s what they want. They want the fans to get excited. That’s what fans like. They like offense,” Parsons said.

The edge rusher said touchdowns are what gets people excited — not necessarily sacks that show up on the stat sheet. But he said it’s about learning to adapt to it and get off blocks better.

Parsons added that this is an issue across the league with edge rushers — not just something specific to him. 

“You just gotta play through it. At the end of the day, it sucks, but it’s part of the game.”

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