What Makes Micah Parsons Confident in the Future for a New Cowboys Culture?

What did Micah Parsons say while speaking his peace about the Cowboys' loss and the culture change he hopes to see next season?

Micah Parsons broke his silence after the Dallas Cowboys‘ embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers, ending their 2023 season much earlier than anticipated.

Micah Parsons Speaks His Peace on the Loss

Parsons took to his podcast, The Edge on Bleacher Report, to speak his peace. He said he went off the map to spend time with his family and reevaluate life following the loss.

“If you think I was OK with that loss or how we lost at any point, shape, or form, you’re obviously delusional, very delusional,” Parsons said in his opening remarks.

Parsons even admitted it took him a while to show his face following the loss.

He then went into speaking about the loss, saying the Cowboys got out-performed and out-schemed, adding that the Packers had an answer for everything. He said that he can “only play what is called,” whether that means he is in at linebacker or edge.

“I’ve even told multiple players and coaches that I’m very fine playing linebacker in playoffs if that’s what y’all want me to do. I just want to win,” Parsons said.

He said it’s upsetting that he was streaming the podcast live from Orlando, Fla., at the 2024 Pro Bowl because the Cowboys’ season was cut short. Parsons even mentioned that he “sees a Super Bowl win in his future” and wants to be a Super Bowl champion.

“I’m 24 years old, I’ve been in this league three years, and I’ve kind of seen it all. I hope that we go all in, I hope we go out and get the players that we’re missing because we didn’t do that this year,” Parsons said.

He also admitted there is a lot of work and culture that needs to go into the 2024 season for the Cowboys to be a “Super Bowl team.” But right now, he feels at peace, knowing he did everything he could to win that game.

Parsons Defends Dak Prescott

Parsons said he saw a lot of emotional reactions from the loss and a lot of the blame going onto Dak Prescott because he is the quarterback.

He said the defense gave up over 40 points in the loss, making Prescott’s job harder than it already is.

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“What do you expect Dak Prescott to be? Do you expect him to be Superman? He cannot win games by himself. I always said football is not a game of one man; it’s a game of 22 men that go on the field, and you need to rely on every 22 guys to win that game,” Parsons said.

He said he doesn’t put all of the loss on Prescott, saying he played a terrific game and is an All-Pro player, giving him credit for coming a long way this season.

Parsons Hopes for the Future

Parsons wrapped up his opening statements by saying he likes the current conversations and how they will all look ahead.

The edge rusher also mentioned that he does believe in Mike McCarthy as the team’s head coach.

“We won a lot of games with Mike — 36 wins under the belt with Mike. So hopefully, he can take us all the way, and we drive this culture, and we change this narrative that people have,” Parsons said.

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