What Is Madden Ultimate Team? How To Play MUT, Beginner’s Guide, and More

Madden Ultimate Team has changed the way the video game is played, but what is it? Here's everything you need to know about MUT.

Madden is known for having a loyal following with many gamers who look forward to its release every season, having played the game for decades. A big reason for the gaming franchise’s growth and popularity in recent years is the addition of Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden Ultimate Team is an entirely different and unique way to enjoy Madden, and it has changed the way many gamers approach Madden.

What Is Madden Ultimate Team?

The days of just turning on the game, picking your favorite team, and beating your biggest rival on rookie mode are over. The game and the gamers have evolved entirely thanks to Madden Ultimate Team and its booming popularity.

Madden Ultimate Team, better known as MUT, is a game mode in the Madden NFL franchise that lets players build their football team and play against other players’ teams.

Whether it’s current-day players or past NFL legends, MUT allows you to build the best roster you can and take on your friends and competitors online with a roster that was uniquely built by you.

How Do You Start a MUT?

Getting started on MUT is the fun of it. Gamers must complete challenges to unlock a beginning team. From there, players then choose “Team Captains” to build their team around, and each captain has a specific chemistry attribute that will be added to the identity of the team being built.

Gamers then will attempt to earn coins and other rewards by reaching different milestones, whether it’s winning a game, scoring a touchdown, or any other achievement within the game, to create the best team possible.

Does MUT Cost Money?

While there are options to spend money on MUT to make your team better, it is not a requirement and not necessary in most cases. Players can earn rewards like coins and packs by playing games, completing solo objectives, and competing in online head-to-head play.

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If you players do choose to spend money, they can do so by buying packs with coins earned in MUT, through the store, or with Madden Points, which can serve as a shortcut to building the team that you want.

When Was MUT Added to Madden?

Madden fans have had the pleasure of building teams and meshing current-day stars with Hall of Fame players from the past for almost a decade and a half.

The official launch date of MUT came back on Jan. 7, 2011. It has since evolved and has grown to have massive popularity within the Madden community, and it has made a profound impact on the gameplay and culture itself.

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