What Extra Features Does Amazon Prime Offer on Thursday?

There is an alternate version of TNF available that will give you an in-depth view of the game. Here's why this can enhance your knowledge as a fan.

Amazon Prime is starting the second season of showing NFL games on Thursday nights. Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit are back in the booth. Amazon will also show a game on Black Friday between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. They have some additional features to enhance the viewing experience.

What Is Prime Vision With Next Gen Stats?

This alternate version of the game gives you a data-driven experience. With the traditional audio, this broadcast brings you data in real-time for location, speed, and acceleration for each player that has sensors in their shoulder pads to help collect the information. There are sensors all around the stadium to capture additional information.

What Is Available on the Alternate Broadcast?

Prime Targets will show you the receivers that have created separations from the defense and are in position to get a first down. You can see this all unfold live on your screen.

Teams are going for it on fourth down more than ever, and the decision is usually a talking point between fans. Amazon Prime offers a Fourth-Down Decision Guide that lets viewers see the success rate of converting a first down. You will also see how the decision to punt or go for it impacts a team’s probability of winning the game.

Defensive alerts highlight the players to watch before the ball is snapped. Each defensive player’s movement behind the snap is calculated, and a red circle will be displayed under any potential blitzer.

Most broadcasts display a line on the field to indicate how close a team needs to get for a field goal attempt. Amazon Prime shows multiple lines with points based on the date. This provides more context than the one line that shows where a kicker can make it from, even though the perception might not be that high.

What Options Are Available if You Miss the Opening Kickoff?

Amazon Prime allows you to watch the game from the beginning, even if the game is in the fourth quarter.

There are also other options to show you what has happened. “Key Plays” allows viewers to watch all pivotal plays up to that point.

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“Rapid Recap” uses AI to put together up to 13 highlights to catch up on what you missed. This only lasts two minutes and is something you can do during a commercial break.

“X-Ray” allows you to see live stats as the game happens, with a panel appearing on the right side with traditional and Next Gen stats. This provides you with information that gives a deep dive into how the game is being played. One example is how long a quarterback has to throw on pass attempts during the game.

Will There Be Anything New Added During the Season?

Amazon Prime will add a feature called “Pressure Probability” that tracks the pressure on a quarterback and how it evolves during the snap. Amazon is also expecting to release more advanced stats as the season continues.

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