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    What does Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram post mean, if anything, for his future with the Packers?

    Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers posted some cryptic messages on his Instagram. What does it all mean for his future?

    Interpreting Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ intentions and social media messages has become something of a cottage industry. Rodgers certainly created a conversation with his lengthy and cryptic Instagram post entitled “Monday night gratitude.”

    UPDATE: Rodgers, appearing on the Pat McAfee Show Tuesday, said that he would be making no news and he has “made no decision about [his] future today.”

    What does Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram post mean?

    In his post, Rodgers discussed his appreciation for his teammates, including Randall Cobb and David Bakhtiari and their significant others, along with his former fiancée, actress Shailene Woodley, after a recent breakup. What does it all mean at a time when Rodgers’ future is uncertain and the Packers are doing everything they can to hold on to him?

    That initiative includes hiring longtime quarterbacks coach Tom Clements, 68, to come out of retirement to coach him and an effort to hold onto wide receiver Davante Adams as either their franchise player or on a long-term contract.

    Answer: Perhaps Rodgers was in a sentimental mood. Perhaps Rodgers just felt like showing his appreciation for those closest to him. Or perhaps it means he’s moving on or retiring.

    “I loved every moment we got to spend together this year,” Rodgers wrote. “Your love and support was overwhelming, and I cherish the friendships I have with each of you.
    To my teammates, past and current, you are the icing on the beautiful cake we call our job; football. the friendships that we have will transcend our collective time in this game and I am so thankful for the role that each of you have played in making my life that much better. I love you guys, and cherish the memories we’ve made.”

    An interesting choice of photo

    Rodgers posted a photo of Cobb and Adams standing on the sideline for the national anthem. Typically, he stands between them, but in this photo, he was absent. Does it mean anything? Well, Rodgers could obviously be enjoying how he can stir the pot and get everyone talking with these kinds of posts.

    Rodgers said he will make a decision soon

    Rodgers recently said he’ll make a quick decision on his future. For now, it’s all in a holding pattern. The post doesn’t necessarily mean anything, or it could mean everything. Rodgers isn’t going to tip his hand.

    The ball is in his court. The Packers have made it clear how they feel about him. His relationship with the front office, including general manager Brian Gutekunst, has improved dramatically. Why would Clements come out of retirement if he didn’t think Rodgers was going to play at least one more season for Green Bay?

    Rodgers can return, or leave. Interpreting what he’s going to do with any certainty — or whether he’s saying goodbye  — is going to be difficult. It’s all up to Rodgers. Until he makes a decision, his measured approach will bear close observation.

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