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    Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Eagles Overtake Ravens While Giants Drop to the Bottom

    The Week 10 NFL power rankings look a bit different. From top to bottom, things have changed after an action-packed week.

    The NFL gave us big games in four different Sunday windows. It was a beautiful schedule, but not all went to plan. The Week 10 NFL power rankings have a ton of movement because of the amount of quality matchups on the schedule.

    Eagles Overtake Ravens in NFL Power Rankings

    32) New York Giants (31)

    Even with Daniel Jones on the field, the game was not looking particularly good for New York against Las Vegas. When Jones left the field with an apparent knee injury, the game was all but over.

    Tommy DeVito is nowhere near ready to compete at the NFL level as a quarterback, and if Jones is forced out of the lineup for any significant period, the Giants will need to look at the free agency market because Tyrod Taylor is on injured reserve already.

    Nobody has looked worse over a two-week span this season than the Giants have the past two weeks.

    31) Carolina Panthers (32)

    Bryce Young threw two pick-sixes, and the Panthers lost by multiple scores to a pretty average Colts team. And even that ugly performance was enough to bring them up a spot in the NFL power rankings.

    The tough part about the loss is that Young made some nice throws in this game. However, his first interception was an inexcusable decision, and the second was a big miss on a screen throw.

    30) Arizona Cardinals (30)

    Josh Dobbs is far from being a franchise QB, but he’s a better option than Clayton Tune. Maybe Kyler Murray returns next week, but until then, it’s hard to see the Cardinals as anything but one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Panthers have played relatively well in recent weeks, and Daniel Jones is back for New York.

    With eight minutes remaining in the third quarter, Arizona had managed zero net yards through the air and only 22 total yards.

    29) New England Patriots (29)

    Mac Jones and the Patriots’ offense needed more against a lifeless Commanders’ defense that just traded away their two best defensive players. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough speed or talent on that side of the ball for sustainable positive movement.

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    Jones threw an interception to end the game, but the ball was perfectly placed against tight coverage and should have been caught. If it had been, the Patriots would have had a chance to kick a game-tying field goal.

    In the end, the lack of offensive firepower and the laundry list of injuries on the defensive side of the ball have made their situation untenable.

    28) Chicago Bears (28)

    The Tyson Bagent hype train was derailed a week ago, and it kept gliding off the tracks in Week 9 against the Saints. The rookie quarterback feels a lot like some of the backup quarterbacks we’ve seen recently, who can flash and make big plays but ultimately will end up giving the ball away trying to make plays their physical abilities won’t allow for.

    He’s a tough player who can make plays with his legs and use different arm angles to deliver passes. But unless he learns how to consistently process what he sees at the second and third levels, he won’t keep the ball safe.

    27) Las Vegas Raiders (27)

    Aidan O’Connell and the Raiders’ passing attack were on one against the Giants. Even when New York got into his grill, O’Connell stood tall in the pocket and delivered some very nice passes into some tight man coverage windows.

    The Raiders defensive performance is a bit of a mirage. Daniel Jones missed a few throws before leaving the game, and the Giants didn’t want to throw the ball when DeVito entered the game unless they had to.

    26) Los Angeles Rams (22)

    No Matthew Stafford on the field for the Rams meant virtually no offense against a Packers team that hasn’t necessarily looked like the 1985 Bears so far in 2023. Brett Rypien could only manage 13 completions on his 28 attempts, and more often than not, a green jersey was the first player to have their hands on the football.

    25) Green Bay Packers (26)

    Jordan Love played a relatively clean game against the Rams. However, there are still too many heart-attack-inducing moments in his game. He must understand that sometimes a sack is the best outcome for a given situation.

    Green Bay’s receivers are all young guys. While they’re talented, their youth makes them inconsistent. However, this was the most cohesive performance from that unit in a while.

    24) Denver Broncos (24)

    Denver is coming off their first win against the Chiefs since 2015. As they entered their week off, they ranked 17th in offensive EPA and 16th in success rate. Things are far from perfect on that side of the ball, but things are better than they were a season ago by a long shot.

    They’re still analytically the worst defense in the NFL, but they haven’t allowed 20 points since their Week 5 loss to the Jets. And they’re coming off a defensive performance that made Patrick Mahomes look human.

    23) Washington Commanders (25)

    Sometimes, things will go well, and other times, things will go poorly. But things will always be interesting when Sam Howell is the starting quarterback. Howell’s ability is obvious. The undersized quarterback can sling it all over the field, and he can take seven sacks doing it while also throwing a few interceptable passes along the way.

    But credit to the Commanders’ defense and the roster as a whole. They could have easily rolled over after seeing their two most talented defenders traded away. The organization waved the white flag on the season, but the players did not blink.

    22) Indianapolis Colts (23)

    The Colts offense had next to no juice against the Panthers, but it didn’t make a difference. Kenny Moore II scored two defensive touchdowns, and those two plays proved to be the difference in the game.

    Gardner Minshew and the Colts’ passing game was lifeless. The Panthers’ passing defense hasn’t been horrible in 2023, but they’re not the Browns, either. The Colts have one of the most favorable schedules in the NFL from here out. But can Minshew give them enough in the passing game to make things interesting in the AFC?

    21) Tennessee Titans (20)

    The Tennessee Titans might have something with Will Levis. It’s early, and things certainly aren’t perfect yet, but the young Titans passer is playing with more confidence and decisiveness than at any point in his collegiate career.

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    The schematic fit in Tennessee always made sense. In fact, Ryan Tannehill was a popular comparison for Levis. But the rookie QB has a bigger arm, and although Tannehill was at one time a wide receiver, Levis is a more natural runner.

    20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18)

    Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers offense did just about everything they could to avoid making a three-game skid into a four-game stumble. Unfortunately, their usually solid defense let them down.

    Houston had a clear schematic advantage in the game because there were open receivers left and right for Houston throughout the game. However, they also faced C.J. Stroud on a day when he was absolutely feeling it.

    19) Atlanta Falcons (17)

    The Atlanta Falcons are impossible to nail down. Their schedule hasn’t been particularly difficult, but their defense has performed relatively well. But that was not the case against the Vikings.

    We’d likely be singing a different tune if Atlanta would have gotten to play four quarters against Jaren Hall. But Josh Dobbs came in relief after being in Minnesota for a few days, and his legs caused problems for the Atlanta defense.

    18) New York Jets (16)

    The Jets’ defense is only ninth in EPA and sixth in success rate, but their defense is delightful to watch. Few defenses fly to the football the way New York has done over the past two seasons.

    But this Jets team feels uncomfortably similar to a season ago. One side of the ball is playoff-worthy while the other flounders around the surface of the water trying not to drown. Zach Wilson is still not a starting-caliber NFL QB, and it keeps this team from realizing its potential.

    17) Los Angeles Chargers (21)

    The Chargers might slowly be working their way back into contention, but they had to get by the New York Jets on Monday Night Football first. Luckily for them, a unique game flow including a punt return for a touchdown gave them a lead early. A Wilson fumble gave them a short field and Los Angeles converted that into a 50-yard TD drive. 

    From there, the game was essentially over. New York isn’t built to come back from a deficit. Their offensive line woes paired with the Chargers’ ability to rush the passer proved too much to overcome. With games against the Lions and Ravens over the next three weeks, getting back to .500 was critical for the Chargers.

    16) Houston Texans (19)

    C.J. Stroud was magnificent against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He set a rookie record for passing yards (470). Three Texans pass catchers had over 100 yards. The Texans ended up winning the game by two.

    That number is significant because the team lost their starting kicker during the game. Dare Ogunbowale put the Texans up by three points after kicking a 29-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. If he’d missed that, the Texans could have, hypothetically, needed to convert a two-point conversion at the end of the game to win.

    15) Minnesota Vikings (15)

    Dobbs deserves his flowers. He wasn’t supposed to play against Atlanta, and although the Vikings’ offense is similarly constructed to Arizona’s, the language is different. And there is no rapport built with his new teammates – rapport and timing matter so much at the NFL level.

    Still, Dobbs completed two of every three attempts, threw two touchdowns, and ran for one. As he gets more comfortable within the offense, the Vikings could remain competitive in the NFC.

    14) Pittsburgh Steelers (14)

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are inevitable. They are impervious to disappointment. All they know is overachievement. Their offensive line is a wreck. Matt Canada is loathed by fans. Their defensive backfield, particularly without Minkah Fitzpatrick on the field, is not good.

    But none of that matters. We’re 16 seasons into Mike Tomlin, and he hasn’t seen a losing season yet. Thursday’s game was a slow slugfest, and those contests play right into Pittsburgh’s hands.

    13) Seattle Seahawks (11)

    There aren’t enough adjectives to adequately describe just how badly the Seahawks were dismantled by the Ravens. It seems insufficient to label it as a blowout.

    Geno Smith was under siege by the Ravens’ defense, and even in the few instances he was able to make a throw, the Seahawks found a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Aside from DK Metcalf’s 50-yard reception and a 35-yard slot fade to Jaxson Smith-Njigba down by four scores, the passing attack couldn’t find anything downfield

    12) New Orleans Saints (13)

    The Saints’ performance against Chicago wasn’t their prettiest defensive outing. Chicago actually moved the ball relatively well against the Saints’ vaunted defense. However, New Orleans was opportunistic in taking the ball away from Chicago’s offense, and it ended up being the difference in the game.

    11) Cleveland Browns (12)

    The Browns lost Dawand Jones and Jedrick Wills during the game. Their quarterback is back on the field, but he’s a shell of his Houston self. And none of that seems to really matter because the Browns’ defense is suffocating.
    Their pass rush is magnificent. Their defensive backs have always been talented, but they’ve become a cohesive unit in 2023 under the tutelage of Jim Schwartz.

    10) San Francisco 49ers (10)

    No team needed a week off more than the 49ers, and no player in the NFL needed to go relax in a combine on the farm more than Brock Purdy. The 49ers quarterback tasted adversity a few weeks ago and hasn’t been able to get enough of it since.

    But the 49ers’ issues aren’t simply on the offensive side of the ball. During their three-game skid, they rank 28th in defensive EPA. This is likely why they went out and made a deal for Chase Young, who will be a welcome site opposite of Nick Bosa.

    9) Buffalo Bills (8)

    Josh Allen has played like an MVP candidate since his Week 1 stinker against the Jets. Allen must continue to prove his value during the back half of their schedule, considering how much loss they’ve sustained on the defensive side of the ball.

    Since Week 5, only the Packers, Commanders, and Panthers have produced worse EPA markers. It turns out that losing your best interior run presence, an All-Pro linebacker, and a former All-Pro CB does a number on your defensive cohesiveness.

    That defense proved once again to be their Achilles heel. Although Buffalo made a move for Rasul Douglas at the deadline, it wasn’t enough to defend against a Bengals offense riddled with weapons and a healthy Joe Burrow.

    8) Cincinnati Bengals (9)

    The Bengals started slow again in 2023, but they’re no stranger to starting 0-2. Things looked ugly for a while but wins against the Seahawks before their bye and the 49ers coming out of it have breathed life into the Bengals’ AFC hopes.

    Joe Burrow looked healthier in Week 8 than he had at any point in the season, and he had another big day against the Bills on Sunday night.

    The Bengals are on a roll. Their 1-3 start feels like a thing of the past. However, with consecutive games against the Texans, Ravens, Steelers, and Jaguars on their schedule, they’ll get a chance to prove how dominant they could be late in the season.

    7) Dallas Cowboys (5)

    The Cowboys were a few feet away and less than a foot away from being even with the Eagles on Sunday afternoon. They played a very good football game, but the little things let them down in the end.

    They were on the 6-yard line with four downs and 27 seconds to work with. After a penalty and a sack, Dallas ended up at the 22. Then, a delay of game lost them five more yards. They didn’t even get a legitimate shot at the end zone before time expired.

    6) Miami Dolphins (4)

    Miami let Kansas City march right down the field on its first drive of the game. Although the Chiefs ended up scoring 21 points before halftime, the Dolphins defense stepped up after that first drive. They made things tricky for the Chiefs’ offense, but the Dolphins’ offense struggled in Germany.

    There were several curious ball flights, cleat slips, and fumbled snaps that made it seem like the conditions inside the domed stadium were less than ideal.

    5) Detroit Lions (7)

    The Lions aren’t the best team in the NFC, but they’re not far from it. Their loss to the Ravens was an eyesore, but we saw again this week what Baltimore does to NFC teams. Even with that embarrassing loss, Detroit ranked just outside of the top 10 in offense and inside of it on defense.

    4) Jacksonville Jaguars (6)

    The Jaguars entered their Week 9 bye with the longest winning streak in the NFL. Although their offense was the story heading into the season, it has been their defense that has dominated the storylines in 2023. They entered their off week with the seventh-best defensive success rate and fourth-best EPA ranking.

    3) Kansas City Chiefs (3)

    Outside of the very first drive of the game, the Kansas City Chiefs offense — and even Patrick Mahomes himself — was not great. Miami’s pass rush consistently made things difficult for Mahomes, and the league’s best passer struggled to find his all-world tight end throughout the game.

    But in the end, the Chiefs’ defense rose to the occasion. Raheem Mostert had a nice day at the office, but Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins’ passing attack flew lower than radar could detect.

    2) Baltimore Ravens (1)

    If anybody was questioning whether or not the Ravens are the best team in the AFC, they likely won’t any longer. Baltimore’s defense may only be bested by the Browns, and their offense is miles better than their division rival’s.

    They thoroughly dismantled an NFC opponent who is fresh off making a trade deadline move to go all-in on competing for an NFC West title in 2023. Their defense embarrassed Seattle’s offense. Geno Smith completed fewer than half of his passes, and the Seahawks managed a long run of just six yards.

    1) Philadelphia Eagles (2)

    The Eagles are the best team in the NFL. They’re flawed, but so is every team in 2023. What we’ve seen from the Eagles is an innate ability to win even when things are ugly. In many ways, Dallas outplayed them on Sunday.

    But they have so much talent throughout the roster that even when one or two aspects of their game are struggling, another can uplift the team to victory. It helps when they’re able to convert nearly every third/fourth-and-short they are given. That’s a cheat code.

    But against Dallas, a hobbled Jalen Hurts showed exactly how good he can be as a passer. He made multiple huge throws with perfect ball placement that would have been incomplete otherwise.

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