WATCH: Mr. Beast and Tom Brady Team Up in $1 Billion Yacht Video — ‘Maybe I Should Come Out of Retirement’

    YouTube sensation Mr. Beast teamed up with legendary quarterback Tom Brady and other celebrities in his most recent viral hit.

    Youtube sensation Mr. Beast has made a name for himself with his outlandish and extravagant videos. From a real-life replica of the hit show Squid Game to a life-sized Willy Wonka-style giveaway, Mr. Beast has managed to amass over 150 million followers. While that alone is incredibly impressive, in his latest video, he managed to do something even more surprising — get legendary quarterback Tom Brady to “rethink” retirement.

    Tom Brady and Mr. Beast: A Match Made in Heaven

    Set on a $300,000,000 yacht, Brady gave Mr. Beast a tour of some of the more luxurious aspects of the boat.

    During the tour, Brady noticed that there was a drone trailing. In the most Brady way possible, his competitive nature kicked in.

    With a football in hand, Brady jokingly said that if he managed to hit the drone on his first shot, he would reconsider his current standing in the NFL. Even with his daughter by his side chirping the legendary QB, Brady proved that even at 41 years old, he hasn’t lost a step.

    “Maybe I should come out of retirement,” Brady said after proving that he hasn’t lost any of his accuracy or arm strength, dinging the drone on his first attempt.

    Could Brady Really Come Out of Retirement?

    The entire segment was all obviously done in jest, with Brady laughing his way through a potential return to the NFL. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has already made it quite clear that he is not planning on coming out of retirement a second time.

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    “I’m certain I’m not playing again. I’ve tried to make that clear, and I hate to continue to profess that because I’ve already told people that lots of times, but I’m looking forward to my broadcasting job at FOX next year,” Brady said.

    Although Brady might still have what it takes to play the game at a high level, he has seemingly already made his decision on what is to come next. The former QB is in the process of becoming a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders.

    “Brady’s investment is expected to be ‘passive,'” a source with direct knowledge of the situation says, and “he would not have any operational control or authority over the club, both in business and football matters,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

    If the acquisition goes through, which it is expected to, a potential return to the NFL would require approval by at least 24 of the other team owners.

    And although it would be quite the story to see Brady return to potentially play QB for a team that he has an ownership stake in, the odds seem low.

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