USFL standings 2022: Where does each team rank after Week 8?

The USFL has three postseason berths clinched after Week 8. Let's take a look at the USFL standings heading into Week 9.

The USFL has just two more weeks before the end of its inaugural regular season. When looking at the USFL standings after eight weeks of play, three playoff berths have been snatched, with just one remaining in the South division. Will the Breakers finally seal the deal on the last postseason spot? Let’s look at the USFL standings after Week 8.

Please note that we will update these standings at the end of each slate of games. 

USFL 2022 standings after Week 8

The Tampa Bay Bandits returned to the win column after two rough outings in Weeks 6 and 7. The timing could not have been better as New Orleans dropped a game to Birmingham, creating just a one-game lead for second place in the South. Back in Week 2, the Breakers destroyed the Bandits 34-3. Both teams have made leaps and bounds since, but the Bandits have been afforded a chance to create some chaos.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Stars wrapped things up in the USFL’s North division standings in Week 8. Philadelphia became the first USFL team to cross the 40-point barrier in their 46-24 win over the Michigan Panthers. The win alone secures the Stars spot in Canton, Ohio. All eyes turn to The Breaker Bay Brawl as New Orleans and Tampa Bay head down to the wire for the final postseason spot. Here are the USFL’s standings after Week 8’s action.

North Division

  1. New Jersey Generals (7-1) – X
    • Point differential: +45
  2. Philadelphia Stars (5-3) – X
    • Point differential: +21
  3. Michigan Panthers (1-7) – Z
    • Point differential: -35
  4. Pittsburgh Maulers (1-7) – Z
    • Point differential: -83

South Division

  1. Birmingham Stallions (8-0) – X
    • Point differential: +64
  2. New Orleans Breakers (5-3)
    • Point differential: +38
  3. Tampa Bay Bandits (4-4)
    • Points differential: -19
  4. Houston Gamblers (1-7) – Z
    • Point differential: -31

X – Playoff spot clinched
Z – Eliminated from playoff contention

What do the USFL standings mean for Week 9?

There are two remaining postseason scenarios to worry about at this point. The first takes us to the North. While both berths have been secured, there is still a slim chance of re-seeding. Philadelphia would need to win the season’s final two games and for New Jersey to drop both of theirs. The good news for Philadelphia is the two play each other in Week 10. The bad news? The Stars must rely on the Panthers taking down the Generals in Week 9.

Now let’s turn to the South, where there’s still a playoff spot up for grabs. The Breakers had every chance to hand the Stallions their first loss and attempt to swipe the top spot in the South from Birmingham. Instead, they’re responsible for a bit of late-season drama in the USFL standings.

The Breaker Bay Brawl could turn the South upside down. A win for New Orleans will send them to the postseason. But a win for Tampa in Week 9 will result in the Bandits attempting to do something no one else has done in the USFL’s inaugural season: handing the Stallions their first loss in return for a playoff berth.

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