UAB 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include Starling Thomas V, Kelle Sanders, and Tyler Taylor

Let's look at the scouting reports for the top UAB 2023 NFL Draft prospects, including Devodric Bynum, DeWayne McBride, and Kelle Sanders.

Looking for the top UAB NFL Draft prospects for the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City? Here are the UAB scouting reports for the school’s top players hoping to find an opportunity in the NFL.

UAB 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Devodric Bynum, CB

Strengths: Athletic corner who watched his game take off last season. Quick reading and diagnosing, effectively tracks the pass in the air, and has an explosive burst to the ball. Moves well laterally, works hard to get involved in the action, and sells out to defend the run. Breaks down well, quickly locates the action, and fires upfield.

Weaknesses: Has tackles broken in the open field. Possesses poor hands for the interception. Was minimally productive until last season.

Overall: Bynum turned in a terrific senior season, breaking up 10 passes and recording 28 tackles. He has enough ability to line up in dime packages and could surprise in camp this summer if he continues to improve his game.

DeWayne McBride, RB

Strengths: Super-productive ball carrier coming off a record-setting campaign. Displays tremendous vision, waits for blocks to develop, and quickly cuts back against the grain to get through the openings. Quick-footed, makes defenders miss in the open field, and squeezes through the small openings of the offensive line.

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Possesses a burst and beats defenders into the open field. Keeps the play in bounds and works to pick up as much yardage as possible. Powerful and breaks tackles. Follows blocks everywhere on the field.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t display the agility necessary to turn the perimeter. Rarely used as a pass catcher out of the backfield. Runs with an upright style.

Overall: McBride burst on the scene in 2021, rushing for 1,116 yards and 12 touchdowns, then he topped it last season with 1,713 yards rushing and 19 TDs. He has a compact build and brings a nice combination of quickness as well as power.

McBride is a bit one-dimensional, as he’s caught just four passes in three seasons, and his upright running style is worrisome. He could be a good situational back at the next level, though McBride must really develop a more complete game.

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Kadeem Telfort, OT

Strengths: Long, nasty college left tackle who projects to the right side. Quickly sets up off the snap, keeps his feet moving, and immediately gets his hands into defenders. Displays footwork off the edge, jolts defenders with terrific hand punch, and rides opponents from their angles of attack.

Arm length is a shade under 36 inches. Powerful, blocks with a nasty attitude, and keeps his head on a swivel. Drives opponents off the line or squares into defenders and seals them from the action.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t sink his butt at the line of scrimmage and must do a better job bending his knees as well as playing with leverage. Lacks quick footwork and lateral range in pass protection.

Overall: Telfort is a massive lineman with the size, dimensions, and power to play on the right side. He’s a bit of a project, yet he’s worth stashing on a practice squad.

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Kelle Sanders, LB

Strengths: Athletic linebacker prospect who has shown flashes. Breaks down well, works his hands to protect himself, and displays a closing burst to the action.

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Resilient, stays with plays, and keeps his feet moving. Easily moves about the field, quickly changes direction, and bends off the edge as a pass rusher. Agile and does a nice job setting the edge when required.

Weaknesses: Lacks strength and gets controlled by tight ends. Seems to do a lot of standing around and isn’t overly aggressive. Never lived up to expectations.

Overall: From a size and speed perspective, Sanders has the measurables to be a productive outside linebacker in a 3-4 alignment. And while he occasionally shows next-level football skills, he’s been marginally productive throughout his college career and never elevated his game. If someone’s able to light a fire underneath Sanders this summer, they could have a solid defensive front-seven prospect on their hands.

Starling Thomas V, CB

Strengths: Short, but feisty corner with return potential. Quick flipping his hips in transition, mixes it up with receivers throughout the route, and works to get his head back around to track the pass. Displays good recognition, flashes several ball skills, and has a solid closing burst. Fires upfield and gives effort defending the run.

Weaknesses: Possesses poor hands for the interception. Must do a better job positioning himself against opponents in coverage. Lack of height will result in coverage mismatches.

Overall: Thomas has displayed consistent improvement in his game and ended up with 15 PBUs last season. He played well during Shrine Bowl practices and has enough ability to make an NFL roster as a dime back/return specialist.

Tyler Taylor, LB

Strengths: Hard-working run linebacker with a two-down game. Patient, quick to read or diagnose, and breaks down well. Uses his hands to protect himself, flows well to the action, and goes hard after opponents. Forces his way upfield and sells out defending the run. Wraps up tackling. Quickly picks up coverage assignments and stays with the action.

Weaknesses: Shows stiffness in his game. Easily locked up by blocks. Minimally effective in pursuit.

Overall: Taylor is a solid two-down, run-defending linebacker, though he lacks speed and upside.

Will Boler, S

Strengths: Hard-working safety who is a tough, explosive run defender. Solid open-field tackler who gives effort. Shows good recognition and works to help cornerbacks out on the flanks. Instinctive and displays excellent awareness.

Weaknesses: Lacks lateral speed and doesn’t show a burst. Average ball production since 2019.

Overall: Boler was a tough run-defending safety for UAB, but he comes with athletic limitations. If he can add 10 pounds to his frame, he may have a spot as a one-gap linebacker.

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