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    Trevon Diggs Causes Controversy Online as He Urges Brother Stefon Diggs To Leave Buffalo

    Dallas Cowboys star Trevon Diggs took to social media to voice his frustrations regarding his brother, Bills WR Stefon Diggs' situation in Buffalo.

    Monday night was another frustrating moment for the Buffalo Bills. They suffered their fifth loss of the season by way of a last-second field goal by the Denver Broncos — a kick that was granted a second chance due to the Bills having 12 men on the field for the prior attempt that went wide right. The first kick didn’t count, but the second did, and it dropped the Bills to 5-5 on the year.

    Trevon Urges Brother Stefon Diggs To Leave the Bills

    While the loss is the obvious takeaway from the night, there seems to be another storm brewing revolving around Stefon Diggs. Dallas Cowboys cornerback — and Stefon’s little brother — Trevon Diggs took to social media following the game to voice his displeasure for his brother’s current situation.

    “Man 14 Gotta get up outta there,” was what Trevon said minutes after the Bills’ tough loss.

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    Emotions run high after a game for players who are involved, and the idea of players saying things they wish they hadn’t makes sense in that case. However, Trevon was not playing in the game himself and still took to social media to voice his frustration for his big bro.

    While it’s not uncommon for brothers to defend one another, the Diggs brothers are extremely close. However, it does seem a bit odd that on multiple occasions, Trevon has either suggested or alluded to the fact his brother should leave his current situation to find a better one.

    Trevon Adds More Fuel to the Fire This Morning

    While emotions were probably running high for his brother last night, Trevon didn’t just stop there as he continued into this morning with tweets regarding Stefon’s situation in Buffalo.

    “Let’s not forget, he didn’t start going off till bro got there.”

    It doesn’t take much to assume that the “he” Trevon is talking about is Bills quarterback Josh Allen with the “start going off” part speaking to the fact Allen is viewed as one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.

    While it seems as if Trevon is just looking out for his brother and wants the best for him, one could wonder if this is counterproductive and maybe not being handled in the best way.

    The Bills have just fired their offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey and are looking for ways to get their offense back on track. With this move, maybe Diggs will once again feel like his brother is in a comfortable spot as they continue on through the 2023 season.

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