TreVeyon Henderson Draft Profile | Ohio State, RB Scouting Report

Is Ohio State's TreVeyon Henderson the best RB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft? Per his scouting report, he has the necessary traits -- if he can stay healthy.

The Ohio State Buckeyes have arguably the best two wide receivers in the 2024 NFL Draft, and they might have the best running back as well. Though TreVeyon Henderson is coming off a down year, he’s provided enough promising tape to back up his 2024 NFL Draft scouting report and support his quest for Round 1 capital.

TreVeyon Henderson Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 214 pounds
  • Position: Running Back
  • School: Ohio State
  • Current Year: Junior

Pedigree and production have always been on Henderson’s side as a 2024 NFL Draft prospect. He was a fringe top-10 recruit in the 2021 class and an easy five-star talent. After signing with the Buckeyes, he surged onto the scene with a dominant true freshman campaign, amassing 1,248 yards and 15 touchdowns on 183 carries while also adding 27 catches for 312 yards and four scores.

In 2022, Henderson was limited to just eight games by a foot injury that nagged him throughout the entire season. He still managed to accrue 107 carries for 571 yards and six touchdowns, but questions have come to light surrounding Henderson’s health and future viability. Now that he’s had time to recover, however, does Henderson have the traits to challenge for the RB1 spot?

TreVeyon Henderson Scouting Report


  • Has a compact, squatty, well-leveraged frame with excellent relative mass and density.
  • When healthy, has elite one-step explosiveness, generating instant momentum on cuts.
  • Has the long speed to create chunk plays with narrow creases and house short passes.
  • Urgent, fleet-footed dynamo who can rapidly realign his base and surge through lanes.
  • Has the hyperactive twitch to work defenders off balance in space, then punish.
  • Can use base flexibility to manipulate vertical angles in space while keeping speed.
  • Has good initial baseline vision and has superb peripheral vision at the second level.
  • Can identify suboptimal odds early in reps and make decisions quickly off those IDs.
  • Pierces second-level seams with burst, combative style, balance, and tempo freedom.
  • Has the high-level balance to suddenly recoil and recalibrate his base out of contact.
  • Able to fight through contact with stubborn, grating leg churn and physicality.
  • Maximizes effusive physicality with lower body activation, pad level, and forward-pressing energy.
  • Stellar hands-catcher with legitimate coordination and receiving instincts.
  • Preemptively resets his feet for RAC and translates well with twitch and balance.
  • Competent pass blocker who stays square, shoots his hands, and has great vision.


  • Foot injury in 2022 detracted from his explosiveness at times.
  • At times, shows slight hip tightness, needing to supplement transitions with stutters.
  • Vision and creative instincts, while solid, collectively fall short of the elite mark.
  • Unblocked defenders too often invite hesitation and tempo reductions.
  • Isn’t always comfortable testing tight lanes and navigating through congestion.
  • Will sometimes defer to direct contact if there isn’t an excess of space at his disposal.
  • Sometimes overlooks lateral creases and is most comfortable working vertically.
  • Extraneous use of space can snag runs and give defenders more chances to impede.
  • Even with high-level force output at contact, doesn’t have elite bowling mass.
  • Does have room to expand his route tree beyond screens and swing routes.
  • At times, can be more consistent in sustaining blocks past first contact.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Even after a down 2022 campaign, Henderson grades out as a potential Round 1 prospect and a likely RB1 candidate on my 2024 NFL Draft board. His health will be the biggest question.

Particularly with foot injuries, there’s a chance that the injury lingers or is re-aggravated. Nevertheless, if Henderson stays healthy, he’s a dynamic two-phase talent.

There is something to say about how suddenly Henderson dominated at the collegiate level after arriving as a true freshman. Right away, his explosiveness and speed were superlative among his peers.

His blend of momentum and physicality made him a force to deal with downhill. But beyond that, he displayed the necessary twitch, vision, and instincts to adapt, and he boasted an extra dimension as an electric RAC threat in the passing game.

In the modern NFL, versatility and three-down utility are two qualities that almost qualify as necessities for early-round backs, and Henderson has those traits in his arsenal.

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He does have room to be a bit more consistent with his initial vision and his creative instincts. But overall, he’s a well-rounded back with an enticing physical profile who provides passing value and additional security as a pass blocker.

As mentioned several times before, Henderson’s health is ultimately key. If he stays healthy in 2023, he has the best chance of recreating his 2021 production.

That outcome would essentially seal in early-round capital and give him a legitimate claim to the RB1 title. Looking at his composite profile, Henderson has the explosiveness and twitch, speed, contact balance, vision, and pass-down value to be an impact NFL starter.

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