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    Travis Kelce Opens Up About Dating Taylor Swift, His Favorite Songs, and More: ‘That’s My Lady, I’m Proud of That!’

    Kansas City Chiefs' star tight end Travis Kelce continues to be head over heels for his girlfriend and pop star singer Taylor Swift.

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    Published on June 25, 2024 | 6:58 PM EDT

    Updated on June 26, 2024 | 9:32 AM EDT

    Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has never been shy about his relationship with pop star sensation Taylor Swift.

    In fact, en route to his third Super Bowl title this past season, Kelce looked very comfortable having his girlfriend not only attend games but bring even more popularity to the NFL than previously imagined.

    It’s why the All-Pro isn’t worried about speaking out about his relationship either.

    Travis Kelce Shares Details of Taylor Swift’s First NFL Game

    Speaking on the “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast with former Pro Bowl offensive lineman Taylor Lewan and NFL linebacker Will Compton, Kelce spoke glowingly about Swift and his budding relationship that has been the talk of both the sports and entertainment world.

    While many eligible bachelors may be put off by the publicity the 34-year-old pop singer brings, Kelce has never been too shy of the spotlight.

    “It’s like, you want to keep things private, but at the same time like I’m not here to like hide anything. … That’s my girl, that’s my lady, I’m proud of that,” Kelce said.

    What makes Kelce so smitten with his love interest? The fact that, like him, Swift has been in the public limelight for decades now and has yet to let it change her.

    “I think that’s why I really started to really fall for her, was how genuine she is around friends [and] family. It can get crazy for somebody with that much attention, and she just keeps it so chill and so cool, and I can admire it for sure,” Kelce explained.

    While on her “The Eras Tour,” Kelce has been in attendance for many shows over the last year — most recently in London. As the tour has continued, the Kelce-Swift relationship appears as strong as ever.

    Kelce Reveals Favorite Swift Songs

    Among the many things Lewan spoke with Kelce about was putting the 34-year-old tight end on the spot regarding some of his favorite songs sung by his girlfriend.

    At the top of the list, Kelce said was “Blank Space” because “that was the first one” he loved listening to.

    “Cruel Summer” was listed as his second favorite with “So High School” coming in third due to the “sentimental feeling” behind it.

    Kelce also acknowledged that he knew of Swift as they are both the same age and heard of the singer while he was in high school but also says that Swift’s album “1989” was the stepping stone to him listening to her more.

    Kelce Reveals Parents Seeing Social Media Rumors

    In the same podcast, Kelce talked about his dad messaging him about what he sees on social media, or Facebook more specifically.

    “You know what he’ll do, he’ll see some wild s*** come across, and he’ll be like, ‘Hey, what the f*** is this.'” said Kelce, in a laughing tone. “It’ll just be something so f***ing out of the blue about me and Taylor like ‘Hey, you guys okay?’ Get the f*** of Facebook, dad. Are you kidding me? That’s his search engine.”

    Kelce-Swift Relationship Timeline

    It may not be exactly similar to her famous song “You Belong With Me,” but the relationship between Kelce and Swift does share some striking similarities.

    To start, it appears the relationship first began when the Chiefs’ tight end announced on his “New Heights” podcast that he tried to give the pop singer a friendship bracelet with his number on it. While Kelce says he failed, over a month later, Swift was seen in the stands of many Chiefs games, including one on Sunday Night Football at MetLife Stadium for a contest against the New York Jets.

    KEEP READING: Watch Travis Kelce Join Taylor Swift on Stage in London

    The two have seemingly been linked together ever since with adorable moments, including Swift running up to Kelce following a performance during “The Eras Tour” and the two celebrating the Chiefs’ Super Bowl 58 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

    Whatever the case, the two lovebirds have seemingly worked past the difficulties of each other’s crazy schedules to be together.

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