An NFL Without Jason Kelce? Here’s What Travis Had to Say About His Brother’s Retirement Plans

Travis Kelce was asked about brother Jason and his possible retirement plans. Travis gave his take on the matter and what 2024 could look like.

The Kelce family has been the story of the year in the NFL. From Travis Kelce and his relationship to Jason Kelce and his shirtless celebration of his brother’s success, the brothers have been everywhere, doing everything this season.

But will that be the case in 2024?

There’s a belief that Jason may be leaning toward retirement in the new year, but it hasn’t been confirmed nor denied officially by anyone just yet. Travis met with an onslaught of media on Monday night for the Super Bowl Opening Night event, and his brother’s playing status was a question he was asked.

Travis Kelce Gives Take on Jason Kelce’s Future

The Kelces can be an open book at times with the brothers using their platform to let the world into the things they want to share about themselves. However, there are some things they do keep tight to the vest. And while Travis thinks Jason can still play, he doesn’t indicate one way or another on the matter.

“I think so. I don’t know — I’m not a betting man, but I think he’s got some football left if he wants it. …I’m going to leave that up to him.”

Early reports following the end of the Philadelphia Eagles season after they were beaten soundly by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card round, were that Jason was hanging the cleats up after the game.

Jason was seen emotional on the sideline as the game winded down. The report was that he was letting his teammates know that this was possibly the end of his career.

Since then, however, the future Hall of Fame Center has been non-committal about his plans and has not publicly stated one way or the other what next season is going to look like for him.

The Kelce Bond Is Unwavering

The Kelce brothers have been hand and hand for most of their lives, but the two have been able to weave their personal and professional lives seamlessly over the last year. The two faced off in last year’s Super Bowl, and even though this isn’t the case again this year, Super Bowl 58 will again be a Kelce family affair.

“One of the most beautiful things about the Super Bowl is that you get to showcase your friends and family. It’s been awesome to see everyone accept my family and my family dynamic. I couldn’t be more proud to represent the Kelce household,” Travis said Monday night.

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With Jason expected to be in attendance for the big game, Travis doesn’t know what to expect of his brother during the game as it pertains to a possible repeat of his legendary fan showing in Buffalo.

“I was just as surprised at the Buffalo game when I found out the camera panned to him. Unbelievable fan base like Buffalo gave him that experience. Not sure if Vegas crowd will make him want to take his shirt off.”

The Super Bowl is the culmination of work and a send-off for a great 2023 season. And for the Kelces, it very well could be the perfect cap to a season dominated by the family.

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