Travis Kelce Calls Jason a ‘F—— Imbecile’ for Losing His Super Bowl Ring at New Heights’ Live Show

Jason Kelce lost his Super Bowl ring at the New Heights live show last week, and Travis Kelce was absolutely stunned when he found out.

Travis and Jason Kelce hosted a live show for their hit podcast at the University of Cincinnati last week, where the two of them were once former college football teammates.

On the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, the Kelce brothers recapped the big event, including Travis telling the story behind his viral beer chug.

But what was the most surprising revelation, however, was that one of them ended up losing their Super Bowl ring, which is now believed to be in a landfill somewhere in Cincinnati.

Jason Kelce Lost His Super Bowl Ring During Live Show

During the New Heights Podcast’s live show last week, a game took place where contestants had to dig through two pools filled with chili in an attempt to find two Super Bowl rings, each stuffed into socks. One of them was a replica, and the other was an actual Super Bowl ring that belonged to Jason.

The game was made, in part, because Jason had issues misplacing it previous to that. Unfortunately for Jason, however, this time he actually lost his Super Bowl ring, something he admitted to on the newest episode of New Heights.

“This game existed because I continually lose my Super Bowl ring,” Jason said on the latest episode of New Heights. “And I don’t even know if Travis still knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event.”

None of the participants were able to locate the ring, and Jason is fairly certain that it’s now in a landfill because they threw everything in the trash while cleaning up at the end of the event.

Travis was absolutely baffled by Jason’s decision to include his actual Super Bowl ring in the game and didn’t have any sympathy for his brother.

“What did you expect to happen?” Travis said. “You’re such a f****ng imbecile.”

Travis Kelce Explains the Viral Clip of Him Chugging a Beer

Neither Jason nor Travis walked when they graduated from Cincinnati, so they had a graduation ceremony. The school president Neville G. Pinto and athletic director John Cunningham helped put on the ceremony.

When given his diploma, Travis celebrated in only a way that a Kelce could, and that was by chugging a beer.

On Wednesday’s episode of New Heights, Travis explained that he chugged the beer because he needed to get rid of it before receiving his diploma, even though it was completely full.

Jason, however, made sure to remind Travis that he was unsuccessful in fully chugging it.

“Well, it kind of stayed full, as we saw, when you threw it on the ground and there was still beer pouring out of it,” Jason said, who was clearly not impressed.

“If there’s anything anyone should be upset with, it’s the fact that you didn’t finish that chug. That’s why I was upset.”

Travis later denies not completing the chug, saying it was all foam, which Jason totally dismisses.

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