NFL OTA News: Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Opens Up About Contract, Missing CeeDee Lamb, Trey Lance, and More

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott met with reporters during OTAs to discuss his contract situation, the absence of CeeDee Lamb, and more.

Despite his unresolved contract situation, Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott is still participating in the team’s voluntary OTAs.

Prescott met with reporters on Wednesday to discuss several topics including his future in Dallas, the absence of CeeDee Lamb, and much more.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Opens Up About His Future in Dallas, CeeDee Lamb’s Absence, and More

Following a disappointing end to last season, Prescott is eager to get back to work and move forward in 2024. Despite heading into the final year of his current contract, Prescott is focused on the upcoming regular season and controlling what he can control.

Prescott Discusses Contract Situation

While Prescott certainly deserves a massive payday from the Cowboys, the franchise is clearly reluctant to commit to the star quarterback. Although Prescott has watched several other quarterbacks sign huge extensions this offseason, he isn’t worried about his new deal.

“I know my business will take care of itself,” Prescott said to John Machota of The Athletic. “Just controlling what I can control.”

Given his elite level of play, Prescott has every excuse to hold out and demand a massive contract from the Cowboys. Yet, he’s opting to focus on football in 2024 and letting his play on the field speak for itself.

“I don’t play for money,” Prescott said. “I’ll leave that to the businesspeople to say what it’s worth, what they’re supposed to give a quarterback of my play. It’s about controlling what I can control. Handle that part and everything else will take care of itself.”

Prescott Supports Lamb’s Decision

Although Prescott is taking the high road and opting to participate in voluntary OTAs despite an unresolved contract situation, Lamb isn’t doing the same. He is holding out of the voluntary team activities due to his desire for a massive contract extension.

“That’s my guy,” Prescott said when asked about the absence of Lamb. “Not many people out there more swaggier, cooler, better player, than that guy. So obviously you’re gonna miss him, miss having him around.”

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Prescott mentions that he has been in Lamb’s shoes before and understands the young wide receiver’s decision. This is ironic, given that Prescott is in a similar situation right now as well.

“But I’ve been in this situation. It’s business; business is business,” Prescott said. “He’s got my support, and I know the locker room’s support. That’s part of it. Hopefully, he’ll get all his and everything he deserves and is worth.”

The Success of Other Sports Franchises in Dallas Fuels Prescott

While the Cowboys claim the title of “America’s Team,” they may not even be Dallas’ team. Given the recent success of nearly every other major sports franchise in the city, the Cowboys are lagging behind their neighbors.

Yet Prescott admits the success that other franchises in the city are experiencing motivates him heading into the upcoming regular season. While the internet had fun with Dallas’ lack of success in the postseason, Prescott doesn’t find it entertaining.

“I think any competitor should damn sure in my position, leader of the team would. Understanding what winning means here and not getting it done,” Prescott said when asked if he was envious of the success of other teams in Dallas.

“And then watching your brothers, you say your brothers across the city going making things happen. I want it. It only raises the stakes and makes it tougher on me, and I’m for that, and so go win it. Go win. The Rangers did it. Put more f—— pressure on us.”

Prescott Embracing Competition With Trey Lance

When the Cowboys traded for Trey Lance, he wasn’t viewed as much of an immediate threat to take Prescott’s starting job. Yet now that Dallas has failed to sign Prescott to a long-term extension, Lance’s presence could only heighten questions for the Cowboys.

Yet Prescott isn’t concerned about Lance and opted to praise the young quarterback when asked about his play at OTAs.

“He’s pushing me,” Prescott said when asked about Lance. “I’m somebody that I don’t like to let other people get more reps than me, and Trey is the person I need to watch because he’s trying to get up there on the rep count. That’s a testament to him and how much he’s putting into this. I’ve seen it. He’s gotten better. He can play.”

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Although Prescott admitted that Lance has improved, he doesn’t seem concerned at all about losing the starting job. While some may try to create a divide inside the Cowboys’ quarterback room, it’s clear that Prescott rightfully views himself as the alpha in Dallas.

“As long he is getting better, I promise you I’m getting better,” Prescott said. “I encourage it. I hope he pushes me. I hope he makes people think. I know where I’ll be, and I know who I am. I’m confident in the person and player that I am. I hope he does. I hope he pushes me.”

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