Top Running Backs Week 17: Wayne Gallman top running back in NFL season finale

With the regular season over, let’s take one more look at the top OVM performing RBs from Week 17. This week, we feature Wayne Gallman who, with the help of some roster moves, was able to come out as the top running back from this past weekend. We also see both of the Browns’ running backs make the rankings this week. 

Determining the top running backs using the Offensive Value Metric ranking system

We collect this data using the Offensive Value Metric created by The (Bx) Movement. The Offensive Value Metric (OVM) was created to provide a numerical scale to measure the overall value that an individual player provides to his offensive unit. A player with a higher OVM grade isn’t necessarily a higher skilled player, but they do create more offensive production for their team than a player with a lower OVM.

OVM collects different levels of data from sources such as NFL’s Next Gen Stats and separates out the data points that are influenced solely on the individual player. That filtered data is ran through a formula to create an OVM grade reflective of the amount of value the player brings to his offensive group.

To find out more on the Offensive Value Metric and view the complete database, follow the link here.

Best RBs from NFL Week 17, 2020 Regular Season

1) Wayne Gallman, New York Giants

OVM 22.44 | 2.74 EFF | 54.55 8+D |
-1.02 RYOE/ATT | 23.80 ROE%

Wayne Gallman took full advantage of his unique opportunity this season to carry more of the rushing load for the Giants, and Week 17 was no different for him. He had a strong day against the Dallas Cowboys defense, putting up a solid OVM grade of 22.44. Wayne Gallman rushed for 65 total yards across just 11 attempts against a stout defensive front all day. He was the only running back to score an OVM grade above a 20.00 this week.

top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement

2) Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts

19.91 OVM | 2.40 EFF | 40.00 8+D |
3.78 RYOE/ATT | 53.30 ROE%

Jonathan Taylor is a rookie running back that has already made this top OVM rankings several times this year. And, thanks to his massive day last weekend against the Jaguars, he is back here once again this week.

Taylor’s 253 rushing yards was the most for any back from the weekend. But, make no mistake, these were hard-earned yards. The Jaguars had the box stacked against him on 40% of his attempts to put up a definite challenge. Taylor averaged over eight yards of offense each time he touched the ball — outperforming the NGS expectations on nearly 54% of his snaps.

top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement

3) Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns

15.72 OVM | 4.17 EFF | 50.00 8+D |
-1.55 RYOE/ATT | 20.00 ROE%

Kareem Hunt wasn’t called on often during win over the Steelers this past weekend. Hunt only had 10 snaps, but rushed with an overall efficiency rating of 4.17 on the day — one of the top efficiency ratings of any back from the week.

He looked great when challenged on his rushes by the Steelers. With an 8+D average of 50.00%, only two other running backs faced more opposition the weekend slate (Wayne Gallman was one of them). Nick Chubb had the spotlight as the Browns leading rusher on Sunday. But, Hunt was definitely one of the top RBs from Week 17.

top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement

4) Jeff Wilson, San Francisco 49ers

15.25 OVM | 4.47 EFF | 45.00 8+D |
0.13 RYOE/ATT | 40.00 ROE%

Jeff Wilson has really taken up the slack in the 49ers offense over the last several weeks with their struggle with injuries. Week 17 was another impressive day for him and his now well-rounded stat sheet. Wilson rushed for 76 yards over 20 attempts against a steady front.

His RB efficiency rating was a stout 4.47 that helped to create his overall 15.25 OVM grade. He also added another rushing touchdown to his résumé on Sunday. Wilson is currently sitting at 600 total rushing yards for the 2020 regular season.

5) Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns

15.14 OVM | 2.65 EFF | 28.57 8+D |
3.34 RYOE/ATT | 35.70 ROE%

The Cleveland Browns had both of their top running backs in the five most valuable RBs for Week 17 with Nick Chubb coming in a couple spots behind Hunt.

Chubb has looked excellent at times during this year and this past weekend was more of the same. He was one of only five backs to break the 100-rushing yard mark this week. His numbers looked good across the board, including his Rush Over Expected ratio at 35.70. He also nabbed a major 47-yard rushing touchdown against the Steelers defense.

Best RBs from NFL Week 17, 2020 Regular Season, continued

6) Ty Montgomery, New Orleans Saints

14.49 OVM | 3.18 EFF | 33.33 8+D |
1.73 RYOE/ATT | 41.20 ROE%

Ty Montgomery saw the field against the Panthers defense on Sunday as the starting back for the Saints. And, he wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste.

Montgomery had one of his best games of the season with 105 total rushing yards. He beat the Next Gen Stats expectations on over 41% of his touches bringing his OVM grade to 14.49. His efficiency rating was very good at 3.18. Overall, he rounded out the regular season with a productive finale performance.

7) Sony Michel, New England Patriots

14.09 OVM | 3.62 EFF | 37.50 8+D |
0.46 RYOE/ATT | 56.30 ROE%

Sony Michel was the most valuable running back from Week 16. This week, he picked up 76 rushing yards across 16 attempts. Additionally, he also outperformed the NGS expected situational output on just shy of 60% of his attempts. This was the seventh-highest ROE percentage for backs from the week. For his nine games that he completed this season, he averaged nearly six yards per attempt.

8) J.K. Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens

14.08 OVM | 2.09 EFF | 7.69 8+D |
8.84 RYOE/ATT | 69.20 ROE%

J.K. Dobbins had an exceptional rushing day on Sunday. This was by far his best game of the regular season and a great way to finish off his first rookie year.

He ended the day with 160 total yards across only 13 attempts. This is an average of a massive 12.3 yards per touch. Dobbins shattered the expectations of the Next Gen Stats. His ROE percentage finished at a staggering 69.2 — the third highest ROE grade of any RBs from Week 17.

He also had the highest RYOE (rushing yards over expected per attempt) grade of any back from the week at 8.84 yards per attempt. Dobbins was without a doubt one of the top running backs from the weekend.

9) Alexander Mattison, Minnesota Vikings

13.00 OVM | 3.55 EFF | 33.33 8+D |
0.73 RYOE/ATT | 47.60 ROE%

Alexander Mattison had another one of his strong rushing days in the win over the Lions this past weekend. He had a very solid RB efficiency rating at 3.55 to help push his OVM grade to 13.00. Mattison was presented the opportunity for the higher workload with Dalvin Cook out of the game and was able to make the most of it for Week 17. He ended the day with 95 rushing yards over 21 attempts.

10) Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams

12.53 OVM | 8.39 EFF | 57.14 8+D |
-1.62 RYOE/ATT | 23.80 ROE%

Rounding off the top RBs from Week 17 is Cam Akers. Akers rushed for 21 times on Sunday and ended the night with the best overall running back efficiency rating. His efficiency rating of 8.39 was by far the highest of any back from the weekend. In addition, Akers was also the most guarded against running back in Week 17. His 8+D ratio of 57.14% was the single highest from any RB making his EFF rating even more impressive.

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