Top Running Backs Week 16: Jeff Wilson produces in 49ers win

Last weekend featured exciting games that included some awe-inspiring performances by running backs across the league. Jeff Wilson’s more than impressive bout against the Cardinals Week 16 makes him one of the best RBs of the week. Here are the top 10 NFL running backs from Week 16 according to Pro Football Network’s Offensive Value Metric — powered by The Behavior Movement. 

Determining the top running backs using the Offensive Value Metric ranking system

We collect this data using the Offensive Value Metric created by The (Bx) Movement. The Offensive Value Metric (OVM) was created to provide a numerical scale to measure the overall value that an individual player provides to his offensive unit. A player with a higher OVM grade isn’t necessarily a higher skilled player, but they do create more offensive production for their team than a player with a lower OVM.

OVM collects different levels of data from sources such as NFL’s Next Gen Stats and separates out the data points that are influenced solely on the individual player. That filtered data is ran through a formula to create an OVM grade reflective of the amount of value the player brings to his offensive group.

To find out more on the Offensive Value Metrics and view the complete database, follow the link here.

Best RBs from NFL Week 16, 2020 Regular Season

1) Sony Michel, New England Patriots

OVM 26.47 | 2.68 EFF | 60.00 8+D |
3.71 RYOE/ATT | 50.00 ROE%

With Damien Harris out, Sony Michel was able to take full advantage of his situation and rushed hard against the Bills defense. Michel had the best RB performance in Week 16.

He accumulated 69 total yards across just 10 snaps against a stacked box on 60% of his attempts. His RB efficiency rating for the week was solid at 2.68. He also picked up more yardage than expected on 50% of his snaps. Harris’ OVM grade of 26.47 is an impressive grade for a running back.

Even though he only had 10 touches on Monday night, he added tremendous value to the Patriots’ overall offense and was easily the most valuable running back in Week 16. 

Top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement

2) Jeff Wilson, San Francisco 49ers

23.37 OVM | 2.44 EFF | 50.00 8+D |
3.79 RYOE/ATT | 72.70 ROE% 

Jeff Wilson was stellar in the 49ers win over the Cardinals last weekend. And with an OVM grade of 23.37, Jeff Wilson provided an exceptional amount of value to the 49ers offense.

Remember, for OVM, we don’t account for total yardage in the grade — but it’s hard to look past it. Jeff Wilson rushed for 183 total yards. This was the single highest yardage for a back in Week 16. He accomplished this against eight-plus defenders on 50% of his attempts. Statistically, his performance was an anomaly. Jeff Wilson outperformed his Next Gen Stats’ expected yardage on nearly 73% of his rushes. 

Top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement







3) Darrell Henderson, Los Angeles Rams

23.05 OVM | 3.75 EFF | 66.67 8+D |
5.20 RYOE/ATT | 33.30 ROE% 

Darrell Henderson had a solid, well-rounded game last week, making him one of the week’s most valuable running backs. He had one of the better RB efficiency ratings of any back on this list with a 3.75 from the Next Gen Stats.

Henderson rushed for over five additional yards than what he was budgeted for on average across his 12 attempts. He also had a respectable ROE percentage of 33.30%. Unfortunately, Henderson suffered a high ankle sprain and is not currently listed as active for this coming up weekend. With the kind of value that he’s provided to the offense lately, the Rams will most definitely need him healthy for the postseason if they can find their way into the playoffs.

Top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement

4) Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts

19.91 OVM | 3.85 EFF | 55.56 8+D |
0.26 RYOE/ATT | 44.40 ROE% 

Jonathan Taylor has been a top-10 OVM running back several times this season and has made the list again for Week 16. He looked good against an intimidating Steelers defense on Sunday. Taylor rushed for 74 yards over 18 attempts with an ROE percentage of 44.40. He also managed to find the end zone twice, helping the Colts to stay competitive against Pittsburgh. Taylor ended the afternoon with an RB efficiency rating of 3.85 from NGS.

Taylor was one of the best RBs for Week 16 against a formidable run defense.

5) Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders

18.92 OVM | 3.02 EFF | 46.15 8+D |
1.46 RYOE/ATT | 61.50 ROE% 

Josh Jacobs played well against a tough Miami Dolphins defense. He beat the Next Gen Stats expectations on nearly 62% of his attempts.

He picked up 69 total rushing yards during the game, making him one of the most league’s most valuable backs for the week. The value he brought to the Raiders offense on Saturday helped them keep a lead for most of the game before falling to the Dolphins in the final seconds. He has played well for Las Vegas throughout the 2020 season.

Jacobs should continue that through next week against the Broncos. He is currently less than 25 yards away from a 1,000-yard rushing season. 

6) Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers

18.37 OVM | 2.76 EFF | 30.00 8+D |
6.22 RYOE/ATT | 50.00 ROE% 

No running back in the NFL had a better RYOE output than Aaron Jones in Week 16. The Packers relied on him as they battled it out against Tennessee in the snow. Jones ended the night with a solid RB efficiency rating of 2.76, 30 percent of his snaps against a stacked box, and outperformed the Next Gen Stats’ expectations on half of his attempts.

Jones has been recorded as one of OVM’s top running backs a few times already this season.

7) Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

17.64 OVM | 3.07 EFF | 42.11 8+D |
1.66 RYOE/ATT | 66.70 ROE% 

According to the Offensive Value Metric, Ezekiel Elliott is a running back that has been surprisingly quiet this year. Nevertheless, his Week 16 performance against the Eagles brought some real value to the Cowboys offense. He rushed against a wall of defenders on over 42% of his attempts. Elliot ended the day with 105 total rushing yards. This was only the second time this season for him to cross the 100-yard mark in a game.

8) Latavius Murray, New Orleans Saints

17.34 OVM | 2.93 EFF | 41.67 8+D |
1.33 RYOE/ATT | 50.00 ROE% 

Alvin Kamara will get all of the kudos down in New Orleans after his massive fantasy points against the Vikings.

However, according to the OVM, Latavius Murray created more value to the overall offense with his gritty rushing to move the Saints down the field and into scoring position. Murray had a higher overall efficiency rating.

Yes, Murray was not able to find the end zone during Friday night’s matchup. Yet, he averaged six yards of positive offense all night against a pesky Minnesota defense. His performance helped make him one of the most valuable running backs of Week 16.

9) J.K. Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens

16.86 OVM | 2.89 EFF | 36.36 8+D |
2.65 RYOE/ATT | 54.50 ROE%

Baltimore Ravens running back J.K. Dobbins is no stranger to being in the top 10. And, of course, NFL Week 16 is no different for him. He had a strong day against the Giants this past week. His night was cut a bit short with a brief injury. Even though he did return to the field, he did not take another snap.

He averaged seven yards per attempt on his 12 snaps. This exceeded the Next Gen Stats expectations on nearly 55% of his touches. He had a good efficiency rating, just shy of the 3.00 mark. Overall, his 16.86 OVM grade just barely made it into the top 10 this week. But, creating these types of numbers in a limited situation just shows the type of value that he can bring weekly to Baltimore’s offense. 

10) Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

15.28 OVM | 4.12 EFF | 46.67 8+D |
-0.89 RYOE/ATT | 26.70 ROE% 

Buccaneers rooking running back Ke’Shawn Vaughn rounds off our top 10 most valuable running backs this week. Vaughn was able to take full advantage of his opportunity.

Vaughn picked up 62 yards across 15 touches after Tampa Bay pulled starting back Leonard Fournette to finish out the night. As always, it’s not just the yardage, but how he did it. He looked strong against a heavy Lions defense on his rushes. His RB efficiency of 4.12 was not only the highest of any player listed so far today, but it was the ninth-highest rating of any running back from Week 16. 

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