Top Running Backs Week 13: Wayne Gallman provides most value

Welcome back to another installment of this week’s top NFL running backs. This week, we are looking back on NFL Week 13 of the 2020 regular season. In addition to the top 10, we will look at the impressive showing of Wayne Gallman. 

Determining the top running backs using the Offensive Value Metric ranking system

For this ranking system, we are looking at which players carry the most overall value for their offenses based on their sole, individual production. Professional football is a team sport that requires gratuitous input from many different positions. But the names on this list are the players that are creating the most offense without the influence of their teammates — true individual production.

We collect this data using the Offensive Value Metric created by The (Bx) Movement. The Offensive Value Metric (OVM) was created to provide a numerical scale to measure the overall value that an individual player provides to his offensive unit. A player with a higher OVM grade isn’t necessarily a higher skilled player, but they do create more offensive production for their team than a player with a lower OVM.

OVM collects different levels of data from sources such as NFL’s Next Gen Stats and separates out the data points that are influenced solely on the individual player. That filtered data is run through a formula to create an OVM grade reflective of the amount of value the player brings to his offensive group.

Find out more on the Offensive Value Metric and view the complete database by clicking on the link!

From NFL Week 13

1) Wayne Gallman, New York Giants

OVM 26.38 | 2.47 EFF | 75.00 8+D |
4.91 RYOE/ATT | 43.8 ROE%

There was a running back machine in New York last weekend, and his name was Wayne Gallman. Wayne Gallman has made this top 10 RBs list several times already this season, but after his showing against the Seahawks defense on Sunday, he is the most valuable back of Week 13. He rushed for a season-high 135 yards across 16 attempts.

This was the highest rushing yards total of any running back last week, and it came against a wall of defenders. Wayne Gallman rushed against a stacked box of eight-plus defenders on 75% of all his attempts. He is gearing up for a matchup against the Cardinals this weekend, and it could be another huge day for him. The Arizona Cardinals are currently allowing the third-highest rushing yards to backs before contact in the league. Anybody lucky enough to make the fantasy football playoffs should feel confident rolling with Wayne Gallman this week.


top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement



2) Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams

23.51 OVM | 4.94 EFF | 61.90 8+D |
-0.10 RYOE/ATT | 40.00 ROE% 

Cam Akers should be proud of his solid performance against the Cardinals’ defense last weekend. He had a decent day for his stat sheet: 72 total rushing yards over 21 attempts. But where he really managed to bring the value to his offense was from the tough, third-down yardage that he was able to grind out against heavy opposition and outperform his expected numbers. Akers gained more yardage than expected on 40% of his snaps.

His RB efficiency rating of 4.94 was picked up against a run-look defense on nearly 62% of his touches. Akers is just in his rookie year and looks strong as his workload has increased in recent weeks.


top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement

3) Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings

20.80 OVM | 4.74 EFF | 53.13 8+D |
-0.19 RYOE/ATT | 53.10 ROE% 

It was a monster day for Dalvin Cook in Sunday’s win against the Jaguars defense. Cook was one of only five running backs to break 100 yards in Week 13. His total rushing yardage of 120 was the fourth-highest of the week. He had 32 attempts, the most rushing attempts for an RB that week, with an efficiency rating of 4.74. He picked up more yardage than expected on the majority of his touches at over 53%.

Cook has a tough matchup this coming weekend, against a Buccaneers defense that has been stout against the run. But with the way that Cook has been running against stacked defenses lately, he should still have a decent day.


top running backs
Data Source: The (Bx) Movement

4) Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns

18.87 OVM | 5.63 EFF | 50.00 8+D |
-0.54 RYOE/ATT | 57.10 ROE% 

Kareem Hunt hasn’t been as active over the last several weeks since Nick Chubb returned. That hasn’t stopped him from showing us why we can always rely on Kareem Hunt in a pinch — even with his limited snaps. Hunt only had 14 carries last week against the Titans. And even though he picked up just 33 yards, he had the fifth-highest efficiency rating of any running back from Week 13. The Browns are still leaning more on Chubb as the primary back, but as long as Hunt is running with this type of power, they will have no problem continuing to use him in must-convert situations. 

5) Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts

17.28 OVM | 2.86 EFF | 46.15 8+D |
3.39 RYOE/ATT | 58.30 ROE% 

Jonathan Taylor is another rookie landing on the top 10 most valuable running backs of Week 13. In a Colts offense with momentum right now, Taylor has been a major bright spot for them on the roster. He was on the cusp of that elusive 100-yard game, picking up 91 yards across 13 carries. He crushed his expectations last week with an ROE percentage that was the third-highest for RBs last week. He’s also quickly becoming a double threat by getting more involved in the passing game as well. Keep an eye on Taylor as the Colts round out the season with some real opportunity for him to become one of the most valuable rookies of 2020.

6) Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

17.25 OVM | 4.18 EFF | 40.00 8+D |
-0.49 RYOE/ATT | 40.00 ROE% 

Name a more iconic duo than Derrick Henry and strong, tough rushing yards. It wasn’t one of his best weeks, by any means, rushing for 60 yards on 15 attempts. But it’s not yardage that gets you into the most valuable running backs rankings. It only took Henry 15 attempts to create an efficiency rating of 4.18 while running against a stacked defense on 40% of those.

If you’re still stuck on that yardage stat, don’t worry. This weekend, Henry will be playing against the Jaguars for the Week 14 matchup. The Jaguars have given up nearly 140 rushing yards per game so far this season. If Henry carries over last week’s energy into this game, things could get ugly for Jacksonville. 

7) Peyton Barber, Washington Football Team

15.62 OVM | 6.97 EFF | 42.86 8+D |
-0.62 RYOE/ATT | 22.20 ROE% 

I know you’re not done hearing about that Pittsburgh Steelers upset loss to the Washington Football Team just yet. Peyton Barber isn’t done hearing about it. Barber wasn’t overly involved in the game, but he was there with a purpose when he did step on the field. His efficiency rating was the second-highest of any running back from Week 13.

He had just 14 rushing attempts, but that was his most since all the way back in Week 1. His ROE percentage was solid, and he performed well against a stacked box. He even managed to nab a touchdown along the way. Overall, a solid day for individual production. 

8) J.K. Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens

11.87 OVM | 3.25 EFF | 27.27 8+D |
1.67 RYOE/ATT | 45.50 ROE% 

J.K. Dobbins is the third rooking running back to make these rankings today. He looked impressive against the Cowboys defense, racking up 71 rushing yards across just 11 carries. Dobbins picked up more yardage than expected on nearly 46% of his snaps for a fairly well-rounded afternoon. He also grabbed a rushing touchdown towards the end of the game to wrap up the day. He started the season a little quieter but has picked up some steam over the last several weeks. 

9) Myles Gaskin, Miami Dolphins

11.08 OVM | 3.43 EFF | 23.81 8+D |
1.01 RYOE/ATT | 42.90 ROE%

It was a solid day for Myles Gaskin in the Week 13 win against the Bengals. His ROE percentage output was above average, and he picked up nearly a hundred yards across 21 attempts. Gaskin has been utilized more as the primary back for Miami as of late and is making the most of the opportunity. He was involved in the passing game, adding another 51 yards through the air. With his overall performance from the game, he was easily one of the most valuable running backs of the week. 

10) Damien Harris, New England Patriots

11.06 OVM | 2.87 EFF | 18.75 8+D |
0.01 RYOE/ATT | 28.60 ROE% 

Harris has managed to find his way on literally every one of these most valuable back rankings that I’ve done this season. He keeps playing well. He raked in another 80 rushing yards in the Patriots’ domination over the Chargers last week. Harris continues to be a well-rounded back and runs with a high efficiency nearly every time they call his number. He’s got another good matchup coming up this week against the Rams. 

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