Top Players To Watch at the 2023 Pro Bowl

Top Players To Watch at the 2023 Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl gives the game’s best players a chance to bask in the limelight and fans an opportunity to see their favorite faces compete in a variety of mini-games and skills competitions different from our usual football fodder. This year’s Pro Bowl Games features a different format than in years past with no traditional football game, but players will still get a chance to put their talent to the test.

Which players on the 2023 Pro Bowl roster should fans be looking out for, and who might shine brightest at this year’s events?

Top Players To Watch at the Pro Bowl in 2023

Tyreek Hill, WR | Miami Dolphins

Selected as a starter for the 2023 Pro Bowl Games, Tyreek Hill had one of his best seasons to date with the Dolphins. As one of the game’s fastest players, he should no doubt be a thrill to watch if he’s selected to play in the 7-on-7 flag football competition or any of the other speed-related events at the Games, such as the Gridiron Gauntlet.

Justin Jefferson, WR | Minnesota Vikings

Justin Jefferson is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, just three years into his career. He’s reliable and dependable, sure, but he also makes ridiculous catches look routine. Look for him to be a highlight of the 2023 Pro Bowl’s “Best Catch” competitions.

George Kittle, TE | San Francisco 49ers

Wherever George Kittle goes, energy and fun follow. While he’ll surely be good for a quality sound bite or three, Kittle should also steal the show on several of the week’s mini-game competitions. You just know he’ll be down for the water balloon shenanigans in the “Lightning Round” or be a key weapon in the NFC’s dodgeball efforts.

Dexter Lawrence, DT | New York Giants

Have you ever seen Dexter Lawrence up close? Admittedly, me neither. But you don’t need to be standing inches from him to see what’s obvious on television or from the stands.

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This dude is huge. At 6’4″ and 342 pounds, Lawrence has become one of the game’s best defensive tackles for a reason. He’s strong as hell and impossible to move. I have no doubt he’ll be a key anchor for the NFC in the Move The Chains competition.

Geno Smith, QB | Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith’s comeback story has been one of the league’s best storylines this season. It’s one of the reasons he’s a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. Capping off his magical return to prominence with a Pro Bowl nod is a wonderful way to end his 2022 campaign.

Smith should be one to watch in the skills competitions too. As one of the most accurate passers this past season, he should be a formidable foe in the Precision Passing Contest.

Justin Tucker, K | Baltimore Ravens

Not only does Tucker have one of the NFL’s more entertaining personalities, but he’s also one of, if not the most accurate kicker of all time. Fans of elite kicking play should rejoice because the Kick Tac Toe competition is one that Tucker was born for. If he doesn’t help the AFC run away with this one, I’ll be shocked.