Top Offensive Tackles at the 2023 Senior Bowl Include Darnell Wright, Cody Mauch

As we prepare for all the action in Mobile, which 2023 NFL Draft prospects are set to be the top offensive tackles at the 2023 Senior Bowl?

While it might lack the star power at the top of the class that we saw last year, the top offensive tackles at the Senior Bowl demonstrate the depth of OT talent that we have in this 2023 NFL Draft class. Which of the top offensive tackles should you be watching out for in Mobile when the 2023 Senior Bowl starts?

Top 2023 Senior Bowl Offensive Tackle NFL Draft Prospects

Although the 2023 Senior Bowl rosters group all offensive linemen under the “OL” moniker, the top offensive tackles listed here are players expected to predominantly practice and play at the position in Mobile.

As such, Old Dominion OT Nick Saldiveri is listed with the interior offensive linemen as per expectation of his usage during the 2023 Senior Bowl. 

1) Darnell Wright, Tennessee

With only Paris Johnson Jr., Peter Skoronski, Broderick Jones, and Anton Harrison listed ahead of him in our latest OT rankings, Darnell Wright sits atop the top offensive tackles at the Senior Bowl. The towering Tennessee tackle has the opportunity to solidify his standing as a fringe first-round prospect in Mobile.

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A 6’6″, 335-pound mountain of a man, Wright’s size is weaponized at the position by an impressive pair of levers that are as technically exciting as they are physically imposing. While bringing power, strength, and the requisite nastiness to the position, the Tennessee OT is also an exciting athlete who can match and counter even the most agile of pass rushers.

2) Cody Mauch, North Dakota State

North Dakota State has been a regular pipeline to the NFL at the offensive tackle position, and the Bison once again produce one of the top OTs at the Senior Bowl in the form of Cody Mauch. With his flowing ginger locks and toothless smile, the NDSU tackle is the poster boy for terrors in the trenches.

While his 6’6″, 302-pound frame has a slenderness that could facilitate a transition to guard at the NFL level, Mauch’s incredible combination of technique and athletic ability means that he should be considered amongst the top offensive tackles at the Senior Bowl. There are improvements to be made in pass protection, but there are few better at dominating in the run game.

3) Dawand Jones, Ohio State

There’s lots of focus on his teammate at the head of the 2023 NFL Draft tackle class, but Ohio State’s Dawand Jones steadily elevated his stock this college football season. As a result, he heads to Mobile as one of the top offensive tackles at the Senior Bowl.

Jones has the opportunity to enhance his reputation further and potentially secure a second-round selection. There are some big men flocking to Mobile, and Jones will be amongst the biggest.

At 6’8″ and 359 pounds, he’s a substantial roadblock for any pass rusher to have to circumnavigate. You’d expect a man of his size to be a lumbering athlete, but there’s surprising speed and burst behind the Buckeyes behemoth. Naturally, Jones is as strong, powerful, and physical as they come.

4) Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland

Maryland hasn’t had an OT selected in the NFL draft for over 10 years, but don’t let that stop you from getting excited about a prospect who heads to Mobile as one of the top offensive tackles at the Senior Bowl.

Jaelyn Duncan has attracted first-round attention during this cycle, and while I think that’s a little rich, there’s a lot to like about the Terrapins’ offensive tackle.

A lot of the allure for Duncan comes from his enticing combination of NFL requisite size and eye-popping athleticism. At 6’6″ and 320 pounds, he’s fleet-footed, fast, and fluid. Meanwhile, he has the power to visibly shock oncoming opponents, especially when he moves out to the second level.

5) Blake Freeland, BYU

There is a group of offensive tackle prospects in the 80-100 range where an appearance at the 2023 Senior Bowl could really be a separating factor for a standout prospect. If I was a gambling man, I’d put my money on Blake Freeland to emerge as the guy of that group.

Although his sheer height (Freeland stands at 6’8″) does pose some problems for pad level and ability to sink his hips, the BYU OT can mitigate those concerns with an exciting combination of length, jaw-dropping power and physicality, and phenomenally fleet footwork that is just one element of a top-tier athletic profile.

Other Offensive Tackles To Watch

  • Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse
  • Tyler Steen, Alabama
  • Wanya Morris, Oklahoma
  • Ryan Hayes, Michigan

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