Top Moments From Hard Knocks Episode 3

Episode 3 of Hard Knocks with the Jets featured Mike Evans insulting Quinnen Williams, Randall Cobb on Aaron Rodgers, and Woody Johnson wearing a diamond chain.

The New York Jets returned to the small screen on Tuesday night for the third episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks. After last week’s episode featured mentalist Oz Perlman and head coach Robert Saleh calling out his offensive line, what did Episode 3 have in store? Here are the top moments from Tuesday’s episode.

Best Moments From Episode 3 of Hard Knocks

Randall Cobb Gives Jets WRs Message About Aaron Rodgers

Given that he spent 10 seasons in Green Bay developing a relationship with Aaron Rodgers, veteran wideout Randall Cobb wasn’t afraid to give the other Jets receivers tips about working with the future Hall of Famer.

“What do you guys think?” Jets receivers coach Zach Azzanni asked his unit during a practice session. “Honest opinion of today?”

“I was just talking to 12 — er — 8,” Cobb said, initially confusing Rodgers’ new jersey number. “And he was telling me we had a lot of mistakes in our room today. Just basic stuff. Little things. We can’t have that.”

Cobb continued, “It’s all cool right now, but I’m telling you, one day (Rodgers) is gonna lose his s—. It’s gonna happen if it continues to go the way it’s going right now.

“Because if he don’t trust you, he’s not gonna throw you the ball. I can promise you that. If he don’t trust you — he does not like throwing interceptions. So if he can’t trust that you’re gonna run the right route, he’s not gonna throw it.”

Cobb, who managed more than 6,000 receiving yards and 47 touchdowns with the Packers, also announced his wife’s pregnancy on Tuesday’s episode.

Quinnen Williams Doesn’t Like to Be Called Fat

Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams became a very rich man when he inked a four-year, $96 million extension earlier this summer, but everyone’s allowed to have insecurities, right?

Williams felt slighted after a certain member of the Buccaneers’ receiving corps commented on his appearance during joint practices.

“Mike Evans called me fat,” Williams told his teammates. “He called me fat, bro! Mike Evans.”

“Bro, I lost weight this offseason,” Williams continued. “Do I look fat? Now I’m self-conscious, bro.”

“I would say, you’re not skinny,” replied teammate Michael Clemons. “I think you’re fit for a non-skinny person.”

“Do I look good to be 300 pounds?” Williams asked. “OK, cool.”

Breece Hall Hopes He’s Ready For Week 1

The Jets recently activated Breece Hall from the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be ready for the start of the regular season.

Hall, who tore his ACL last October, is still working his way back from the injury.

“The rehab process, it sucks,” Hall said. “You’ll have a really good day, then you’ll have a day where you feel like you can’t do anything. So, then I would just be mad about that.

“Obviously, I wanna play the first week, but I’m gonna just keep doing what I gotta do. I’ve proven that once I touch the field, I can be a pretty effective player.”

Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett repeatedly pretended to introduce himself to Hall during the RB’s first day back at practice. Hall proceeded to hit 21 miles per hour on a slant route.

The Aaron Rodgers-Zach Wilson Relationship Continues to Grow

Rodgers has continually pointed to Zach Wilson as his eventual successor with the Jets, telling CBS New York this week that he’d like to “play a few good years” with Gang Green “and then hand it back to Zach, and let him go for the next 15.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Rodgers couldn’t believe Wilson was still planning to wear his usual headband.

“Bro,” Rodgers said. “Still wearing that?”

“I have to!” Wilson said. “I told you, it’s not a look thing. I literally sweat in my eyes and can’t see.”

After Wilson rushed for a 35-yard gain against the Buccaneers, Jets WR Mecole Hardman told Rodgers that type of run is no longer part of the veteran’s game.

“Your day’s over with for doing that, huh?” Hardman asked.

“Who you talking about?” Rodgers jokingly responded.

“The days might be numbered for that, man,” Hardman said. “We don’t need you doing that, OK?”

Woody Johnson Wearing a Diamond Chain

Yes, that’s all.

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