‘The Dolphins Are Here To Stay’ — Tony Romo’s Advice for Mike McDaniel’s Miami Dolphins

CBS' Tony Romo believes the Miami Dolphins' success is sustainable, but they need to spend the offseason figuring out a way to get past the Kansas City Chiefs

LAS VEGAS — Tony Romo watched the Miami Dolphins‘ 2023 season unravel the same way most of us did: on Peacock.

Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback-turned-CBS broadcaster who is calling Super Bowl 58 with Jim Nantz, was in snowy Buffalo, N.Y., when the Dolphins’ offense froze in Kansas City back on Jan. 13.

But even from afar, he saw what went wrong, particularly on offense. And yet, Romo still thinks the future is bright for McDaniel’s Dolphins.

Tony Romo Talks Miami Dolphins Before Super Bowl 58

Romo spoke to reporters here on Tuesday as part of CBS Sports’ media day.

Here’s what he said when asked by PFN to assess the Dolphins’ late-season offensive swoon, which included a meek seven-point final game.

“Well, like any team in the NFL, there’s only one team who’s going to be holding the trophy,” Romo said. “And so at the end of the year, that team did everything right, everyone else has to figure something out. But, you know, I didn’t do their game when they did that. So I wouldn’t be able to tell you the level of what I did in the other games.

“But I do know that Mike McDaniel is incredible and that staff is incredible,” he continued. “They will figure out a way to take the next step, and I think the Dolphins are here to stay. They’re not going away, but like any team, it still goes through Kansas City as you can see this year. So you’ve got to figure out a way to get through Kansas City. So a lot of the way they’re going to allocate the resources would probably be with that thought on their mind.”

The Chiefs beat the Dolphins twice in 2023, including in the home Wild Card game that started their run to the Super Bowl.

J.J. Watt Talks Anthony Weaver

Across the room, former Texans pass rusher J.J. Watt, who joined the broadcast team after he retired from football, weighed in on the Dolphins’ decision to hire his former position coach Anthony Weaver.

“Weav’s a great man,” Watt said. “I love Weav. I think he’s going to be a head coach sooner rather than later. So I think the Dolphin has got a great man and a great hire in him.

“He’s going to be aggressive, he likes to be aggressive.

“He obviously grew up under that Rex Ryan tree. But they got a leader of men, a guy who can speak to the locker room, a guy who can relate to the players, and he’s going to get everything out of those guys.”

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