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    Tony Pauline Chat Wrap: NFL rumors, Jets drama and the 2020 NFL Draft

    Tony Pauline touched on a wide variety of topics, including the latest NFL rumors, the ongoing drama with the New York Jets, and the 2020 NFL Draft.

    NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline held a live question and answer session on June 26. Previously, he held another one on May 30. In this Q&A, Pauline touched on a wide variety of topics, including quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft, some injury concerns regarding draft-eligible players, the New York Jets, and other rumblings throughout the NFL.

    To make it easier for you to read, we have sorted the Q&A by topic. This page deals with the latest NFL rumors and inside information. On page two, Tony gives the latest on the New York Jets. On page three, Tony details some of the prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft. Click the links here or read through to the bottom of the page to jump to pages two and three.

    Hi everybody – good to be back with you and I hope the start of summer has been good to all.  There’s no rest for the weary as I’ve already started my film work for the 2020 NFL Draft getting through the MAC, AAC, Big 10, a few independents like Notre Dame and now moving through the start of the ACC.  I’ve already started posting a few scouting preview articles on MAC schools and they should show up here soon at PFN.

    NFL rumors and inside information

    Q: What’s the real deal with Nick Caserio, the Patriots, and the Texans?

    The Texans won’t get Caserio for 2019 but are willing to wait it out and make a big run for him in 2020.  Hence they may just name an interim GM to get them through the summer and the regular season. In other words, that’s someone that does whatever Bill O’Brien wants.

    Q: Have you heard anything around the NFL regarding any possible trades that may happen before the start of the regular season?

    I’ve heard nothing as of yet but it would not surprise me if the Jets try and move some players.  Remember – few to any of these players belong to Adam Gase and none belong to Joe Douglas.

    Q: The Cleveland Browns are a popular team, but they have a first-year head coach who has never been a coordinator. He also has to deal with a star-studded locker room. Is it just me, or is Freddie Kitchens going to have his hands full?

    1000% agree; its a big jump from interim coordinator to a coordinator to head coach. I do think he has the benefit of strong leaders on the field, especially on offense, who will keep the trouble children (no offense) in check.  I love what John Dorsey has done but you cannot deny Kitchens is the x-factor or question mark at HC, whichever way you want to look at it.

    Q: Will the Cincinnati Bengals be the worst team in the NFL this year? What QB are they after in 2020?

    The recent news on Jonah Williams is a huge blow to the team.  I think they could well be selected in the top five in 2020.  Who do they like?  We are a long way from determining that but I’d say Justin Herbert/Jake Fromm are the QB types they have historically leaned towards.

    Q: Who are the Miami Dolphins really after? There are rumors about their love with Tua, but also Herbert. However, some say it might be Fromm or Love. Can you shine some light on this?

    It’s way too early to tell at this point.  I know they liked Justin Herbert, they liked Tua and they also like Jordan Love – but this was all before the Josh Rosen trade.  Fact is they may well have their quarterback of the future on the depth chart in Rosen – great passer and I think his personality is a good fit for South Florida.

    New York Jets

    Q: Tony, during the last Q&A you mentioned Joe Douglas to the Jets was a done deal and he was signed a short time later.  What are your thoughts on the move?

    As I tweeted immediately afterward, it was hands down the best off-season move the Jets have made since January.  From the standpoint of a personnel guy and talent evaluator, Douglas is the best person the Jets have had in that capacity the past 40 years and I don’t say that without an understanding of the situation.

    Now there is a big difference between being a great talent evaluator for a team and being in charge of the entire team- it doesn’t always work out.  It’s like making the jump from coordinator to head coach, so we’ll have to wait and see.  But overall Jet fans should be excited.

    Q: Can you shed any light on the Jets hiring of Rex Hogan?

    I think it’s a situation where Joe Douglas brought in someone he was familiar with.  He could not bring any of the Philadelphia guys with him and lost out on some of his other desired hires.

    As far as Hogan himself – he gets a lot of mixed reviews around the league.  He has his supporters but has bounced around a bit the past few years.  As most know this is his second stint with the Jets.  I’m told the Colts and Chris Ballard were likely to let Hogan go when his contract ended and it’s unlikely they would have re-upped him for a return to Indianapolis.

    Q: Love your answer about Joe Douglas. I am concerned about the chemistry in the front office. Douglas and Gase are friends, but can they co-exist when the losses start to pile up?

    I agree with your sentiment but I’d be more concerned about the chemistry between Gase and Gregg Williams, who was basically forced into the organization.  It could get ugly between the two if they don’t come out of the gate hot.  Both are explosive A-type personalities who want their way.  I think Joe Douglas is here for the long term.

    2020 NFL Draft

    Q: Tony, last week you broke the news receiver Marcus Simms of West Virginia entered the supplemental draft.  Any updates?

    Simms will be working out for teams this coming Monday, July 1st in Maryland.  I would expect some very good shuttle & forty times.  Off the 2018 film, scouts graded him as a mid to late round pick.  He’s a great athlete with terrific upside.

    Q: Hi Tony! You are one of the very few national draft analysts/insiders that have put QB Jordan Love into the first round of a 2020 mock draft. Can you share why you have done this? What are you hearing? And more importantly, what do you see when you watch Love’s film? Thank you!

    Love was someone brought to my attention early in the 2018 season when the Miami Dolphins went out west to scout Justin Herbert but also made a stop to see Love even though he was not draft eligible.  I think he has all the physical skills to be a big-time quarterback in the NFL.  I like his size, arm strength, and upside.  I feel he has the athleticism to be used in a variety of offensive schemes- it’s just a matter of continuing to become a better passer and take the next step, which I expect him to do.  I would also like to see him cut down on the number of INT’s he throws.

    Q: There was a report last week that Nate Stanley is on the radar of the NFL.  Can you expand?

    Well, I did not see the report other than read the headline on Rotoworld.  I will tell you this – at this point in time Stanley is graded as the number two senior quarterback after Justin Herbert by most scouts moving towards the start of the 2019 season, and they believe he’s a third-round prospect.  That really doesn’t mean all that much at this time as one year ago Ryan Finley of North Carolina State was graded as a top 45 pick.

    Personally, I’m not very high on Stanley.  He’s competitive but too many throws get away from him and his accuracy/pass placement need a lot of work.

    Q: Staying on what’s being reported, there was news Wisconsin center Tyler Biadasz was told by scouts to stay in school and he was not happy the way he played.  Thoughts?

    I will tell you this, last January at the Senior Bowl I had an extensive conversation with someone about Biadasz.  I was told he played with a bad hip which required surgery after the season.  As a matter of fact, I believe he had the hip surgery in January, though that must be confirmed. So I understand when he says he’s not happy the way he played.  That being the case, there’s no doubt in my mind if he’s healthy in 2019 and has a good year he moves towards the 2020 draft as a first-round prospect if he enters.

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