Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes Featured in NBA Finals Hype Videos Ahead of Mavericks vs. Celtics

    With the NBA Finals starting, both the Celtics and Mavericks released hype videos narrated by NFL legends Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

    The NBA Finals are starting with the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics set to face off in a seven-game series for total glory. With the first game tipping off on Thursday night, both the Mavericks and Celtics released hype videos that happened to be narrated by a couple of NFL legends.

    Tom Brady Voices NBA Finals Preview Ahead of Celtics vs. Mavericks

    “Be careful what you wish for,” said the Celtics, who enter the series as the favorite to win the entire thing, in their caption. Situated in Boston, Mass., they’re right there alongside the New England Patriots, where Tom Brady became the NFL’s greatest of all time.

    As a result, he got to narrate the video.

    “Really? You want Boston?” said Brady. “Take it from me, that’s a bad idea.”

    “The [Heat] culture? History. Cleveland? Done for,” said Brady before the video pans to New York Knicks fans outside of Madison Square Garden.

    “Oh wait, wrong team,” said Brady with a record scratch. “And Indy? Over with. But us? We’re still here. Right now, you’re gonna want anyone but Boston.”

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    While Brady hasn’t been attending Celtics playoff games this season, he has long supported the team since he was a member of the Patriots. In fact, in the summer of 2016, Brady was even included in the Celtics’ sales pitch to try and lure NBA superstar Kevin Durant to Boston when he was a free agent.

    Years later, however, it was revealed that Brady actually suggested Durant should sign with the Warriors instead. Durant followed Brady’s advice and later went on to win two NBA championships in Golden State.

    Patrick Mahomes Narrates Mavericks’ NBA Finals Hype Video

    With the Celtics taking Brady, the Mavericks took Patrick Mahomes, who’s been a known fan of the team.

    “There’s only one thing in the way now. Let’s get it,” said the Mavericks in their caption before Mahomes’ narration took over.

    “The Finals. There’s only one thing in the way now, and it’s not the opponent,” said Mahomes. “It’s the willingness to sacrifice everything because the greatest competition is you.”

    “If you don’t believe in winning this title, you shouldn’t be here,” added Mahomes. “You know what it cost to get this far. Every moment of your life has led you to this, and if you want to hold that trophy, it will cost a lot more.”

    “Nobody expected the Mavs. Nobody wanted the Mavs. But nobody can deny that you’ve earned it, earned the respect of the league, earned a place at the table, and earned the opportunity to bring Larry [O’Brien] back to Dallas.

    “Like the ones before, you’re a different breed. Defiant and unexpected. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen — truly a Maverick. One for all, one for Dallas. Let’s get it.”

    Understanding Mahomes’ Mavericks Fandom

    While he may live in Kansas City now, Mahomes was born and raised in Tyler, Texas, which is less than two hours away from Dallas. He then attended Texas Tech University, which is just six hours away. As a result, Mahomes has been rooting for the Mavericks since he was a kid.

    Now, even as a superstar in the NFL, Mahomes is still rooting for the Mavs, and he’s not hiding it one bit.

    Mahomes has given assessments of the team in the past and frequently posts thoughts while watching games. Five years ago, he even recommended the team try and get a player like Al Horford, who they will face in the series against the Celtics.

    Mahomes has also spoken about the Mavericks during media appearances, including when he was recently on FS1s “First Things First” prior to when the Mavericks faced the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    “I think the Mavs have what it takes,” said Mahomes. “I think if Luka plays the way that Luka can play and Kyrie plays like Kyrie, they have as good a chance as anybody of winning it all.”

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    Mahomes has been attending Mavericks playoff games throughout the postseason, with Travis Kelce even joining him on one occasion.

    Mavericks vs. Celtics should be an exciting series, and expect to see Mahomes sitting courtside for the games in Dallas.

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