Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes: The Key Stats You Need To Know in the NFL’s GOAT Debate

Would another Super Bowl title put Patrick Mahomes ahead of Tom Brady in the GOAT discussion? How do their career numbers compare?

We love arguing. It’s just who we are. The Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debates only gains steam with time, and Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes is very much headed in that direction.

In the vein of Jordan and James, we have quality vs. quantity at a high level. Jordan has the better win rates, thanks in large part to an unblemished NBA Finals record. And while Mahomes isn’t perfect, that is his path to earning your vote in the NFL QB GOAT conversation.

Much like LeBron, Brady’s longevity is overwhelming. The fact that he defeated Mahomes with a championship on the line at the age of 43 will be a crutch for TB12 supporters.

Only time will tell if the 28-year-old Kansas City Chiefs QB can flirt with the absurd career totals of Brady. Given the era in which he is playing, the raw numbers are trending in the way of State Farm’s favorite spokesperson, but can Mahomes match the consistent run of success that Brady has?

Here’s a look at where the career numbers stand as Mahomes attempts to earn his third Super Bowl MVP trophy, a tally that would put him halfway to topping Brady’s total.

Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes

Regular-season win%

  • Mahomes: 77.1% (74-22)
  • Brady: 75.4% (251-82)

Regular-season stats

  • Yards per attempt: Mahomes (7.9), Brady (7.4)
  • TD/INT ratio: Mahomes (3.5), Brady (3.1)
  • CMP%: Mahomes (66.5%), Brady (64.3%)

Playoff win%

  • Mahomes: 82.4% (14-3)
  • Brady: 72.9% (35-13, includes Super Bowl LV win over Mahomes)

Playoff stats

  • Yards per attempt: Mahomes (7.7), Brady (7.0)
  • TD/INT ratio: Mahomes (5.6), Brady (2.2)
  • CMP%: Mahomes (67.4%), Brady (62.5%)

As you can see, Mahomes holds the numeric edge as he approaches his theoretical prime. The ability to sustain excellence is what earned Brady the GOAT label when he retired and is something Mahomes will need to come close to matching over the next decade to truly be considered.

That said, there is no harm in admitting that Mahomes is pacing for GOAT status. The fact that this conversation is already being had is a tip of the cap to exactly what Mahomes has been able to accomplish through seven professional seasons.

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Both quarterbacks have a Hall of Fame coach supporting their journey to greatness and spent considerable time with a tight end in a different GOAT conversation.

Brady was able to adjust and reinvent himself with time, something Mahomes will certainly have to do in the coming years as he attempts to build on the wild levels of success that he has experienced up to this point.

It’s perfectly reasonable to admit that Mahomes’ résumé at this point in his career is as good as we’ve seen and that Brady’s career arc is unlike anything we’ve come across. Both things can be — and are — true.

Will Mahomes someday catch Brady? Maybe, but that’s trying to predict the future instead of evaluating what we’ve seen.

As it stands right now, this version of Mahomes is better than Brady at this point in his career, but the story is far from written. All debates should include that context before the argument gets too heated.

LeBron James is my GOAT. Sorry, not sorry.

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