Tom Brady’s contract details, salary cap impact, bonuses, and net worth

What do Tom Brady's contract and salary cap impact look like in 2022, and what is his net worth after more than 20 years in the NFL?

Tom Brady’s contract and salary cap impact with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been under much scrutiny this offseason. Initially, Brady retired following the 2021 NFL season, before deciding to return a few weeks later. Brady then signed a new contract with the Buccaneers that is extremely team-friendly in terms of salary cap space.

Tom Brady has a new one-year contract in Tampa Bay

Brady’s contract in 2022 is a mix of what remains from his previous two deals with the Buccaneers, and a new one-year, $15 million contract he signed after returning from retirement. Ultimately, the total value of the deal is $47 million. There is a veteran minimum base salary of $1.12 million and then just under $46 million in prorated bonus money.

What is the impact of Brady’s contract on the Buccaneers’ salary cap?

While this new deal may be just a one-year contract worth $15 million, it is more complex than that. Brady still had significant prorated money remaining from his previous contract. Additionally, Brady’s contract contains four void years, ensuring those numbers do not all hit in 2022.

In total, there is $47 million in salary cap numbers remaining on Brady’s deal. If the Buccaneers cut Brady before June 1, 2022 (unlikely), that total would represent his dead money charge for the Buccaneers. As it stands, there is $10.776 million prorated in void years in 2023, 2024, and 2025. There is then $2.776 million in 2026.

Accordingly, Brady’s cap charge for the 2022 season is just $11.9 million. That is made up of the $10.8 million in prorated signing bonus and the veteran minimum salary of $1.12 million.

However, while that seems like a great deal, the Buccaneers will potentially pay the price in 2022. If Brady’s contract voids as planned after the 2022 season, he will leave behind $35.1 million dead money in 2023. That will count against the Buccaneers’ salary cap unless they can agree to a new contract ahead of the deal voiding.

Brady has already signed a deal with FOX for after he retires

On May 10, 2022, Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch announced that Brady has a deal with the network to join them as their lead NFL analyst when he retires. The deal is reportedly worth $375 million over 10 years. Therefore, the deal is worth more over the course of 10 years than Brady has earned thus far in his playing career ($317 million), according to Over the Cap.

Brady’s net worth

According to numerous reports, Brady has a net worth of around $250 million. One of the most discussed elements of Brady’s career has seemingly been his willingness to take below-market deals in order to help his team. However, as his career earnings of over $300 million and a net worth of $250 million demonstrate, the QB has done just fine for himself.

Additional to that is that Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen is reportedly worth around $400 million herself. That puts the combined worth of the couple at around $650 million. That valuation does not take into account Brady’s deal with Fox, and the number was calculated ahead of his newest contract with the Buccaneers. Therefore, Brady may now be worth closer to $300 million with the couple approaching the $750 million mark.

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