Tom Brady May Have 7 Super Bowl Rings, but Here’s a Video the Average Person Can Relate To

Tom Brady's swing and a miss led to a barrage of online jokes on Saturday, including from the seven-time Super Bowl winner himself.

Sports fans already know the throwing prowess Tom Brady displayed in a 23-season NFL career. His mechanics and leadership helped spearhead seven Super Bowl victories with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

However, the sports world couldn’t help but rip his golf mechanics that went viral on Saturday.

Tom Brady Ridiculed for Bad Swing

Long story short, Brady shanked his attempt at Pebble Beach.

The golf ball wound up traveling at a shorter distance compared to most of the screen passes he threw in his decorated career. Sure enough, the social media ripping commenced.

One fan gave this thought on X (formerly known as Twitter): the golf ball must’ve been deflated. That’s about Brady’s most infamous and controversial moment of Deflategate following the 2014 season Super Bowl.

Another fan shared on X: “Well, that’s one way to start the game with a bang! Tom Brady bringing the excitement.”

One more fan admitted they have a new perception of Brady.

“I’ll never look at Brady the same way,” the fan joked.

Then, another joked about how Brady would end up losing something valuable in his retirement life.

“Just lost his Seminole membership,” the fan said, referring to the Seminole Golf Club Brady joined. The multiple Super Bowl winner first joined the exclusive club in April 2020.

Brady Reacts to Viral Video Clip

What did the legendary quarterback have to say? And how did he respond to the online ridicule?

Brady showed his sense of humor…while also sharing his side of the story on why the ball went at a short distance.

“Driver was off the rack. Turns out they don’t do breakfast balls at Pebble,” Brady joked.

Brady wasn’t through responding to his now infamous golf swing, though. He shook hands with “Johnny Drama” by posting a flashback clip of his renowned guest appearance on the HBO hit series “Entourage.”

That episode aired on Aug. 9, 2009, which was also during his process of returning from his devastating torn ACL in the 2008 season.

Is Brady Now an Avid Golfer?

Fans who have followed Brady’s post-NFL career know that he’s often spotted on the golf greens.

Then again, he picked up the golf clubs during his career.

Brady once entertained sports fans with his performance during “The Match” of 2020 — which took place during COVID-19. He teamed with Aaron Rodgers that day at Pebble Beach.

Since the first “Match,” Brady has been spotted at other high-intrigue golf outings: the 2021 Match when he partnered with legendary Phil Mickelson but fell to Bryson DeChambeau and Rodgers.

Brady was even around a golf course before he started winning league Most Valuable Player trophies and Super Bowls.

He once worked at two golf courses while suiting up for the Michigan Wolverines.

He held a summer job with Polo Fields Golf and Country Club in nearby Jackson, Michigan. The following year, he was an assistant clubhouse manager for the Michigan Golf Course.

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