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    Time to put the Deshaun Watson trade rumors to Miami to rest?

    The NFL media world was abuzz last week as rumors emerged from Houston. According to reports, QB Deshaun Watson was unhappy with how the Texans’ management handled the GM search. The buzz got even louder when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Deshaun Watson would consider a trade to the Miami Dolphins. PFN Insider Benjamin Allbright shut down those Deshaun Watson trade rumors this week on PFN Quick Slants.

    What PFN is hearing regarding Deshaun Watson and Miami

    “I don’t think it’s likely he gets moved. Everything I’ve been told is that they weren’t going to trade him.”

    Further dousing the flames of the Deshaun Watson to Miami trade rumors, Allbright went on with information he received from a source.

    “This same source told me they weren’t trading Deshaun Watson at all. I pressed that person for a hypothetical. Hypothetically, what would it take to move Deshaun Watson in a vacuum? He said it would take three firsts, three seconds, and a Pro Bowl-caliber player would start the conversation. So the idea that you’re going to get Watson for Tua and a first and something else is laughably ridiculous. It’s not happening. You’re not getting Deshaun Watson for less than it cost Jamal Adams. Deshaun Watson would require an absolute boatload to obtain right now. He’s not even on the block, and he has a no-trade clause, so he’d have to waive that.”

    Three first-round picks.

    Three second-round picks.

    A Pro-Bowl caliber player.

    Just to even start the conversation for Deshaun Watson. It would probably take a deal resembling the ones for Eric Dickerson and Herschel Walker for Watson to be wearing a different jersey.

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    Why were there Deshaun Watson to Miami trade rumors surfacing?

    The news initially surfaced when the Texans hired Nick Caserio as their GM. Reports came out that Deshaun Watson was frustrated with the team’s process for two reasons. First, he did not involve Watson as he was promised. Second, the decision was hijacked by Jack Easterby.

    Allbright discussed some of this as well.

    “I talked to some people down there in Houston while all of this was going down. I’ll say this. First of all, the Texans’ organization claims that they tried to reach out to him [Watson], but he was on vacation or unreachable and he has not gotten back to them…All we’re hearing is one side of the [argument] and I’m trying to give you the other side just so we’re all on the same page.”

    Another source of frustration was the lack of traction regarding Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy. Allbright stated that the players believed Eric Bieniemy was the front runner for the Texans’ head coaching vacancy.

    However, Jack Easterby initially refused even to entertain Bieniemy, as the Texans didn’t request an interview for him. On the other hand, with new GM Nick Caserio at the helm, they are interviewing a lot of coaches who worked with Bieniemy, such as Leslie Frazier. They may be vetting members of his staff and trying to find out more about Bieniemy.

    Allbright also refuted a report that said Eric Bieniemy was not interested in the Texans’ job.

    Butting heads in the Texans building over HC

    Allbright discussed how there seems to be a growing tension in the building, beyond the Deshaun Watson trade rumors, over the next HC of the Texans. When discussing rumors about Josh McDaniels being the next Texans HC, Allbright went into some of the tension going on there.

    “Well, I don’t think [hiring Josh McDaniels] is Nick Caserio’s call, but it certainly is Jack Easterby’s. I don’t think [Texans Owner] Cal McNair wants that to happen. You have to think he definitely doesn’t want to be branded as the ‘Patriots South.’ I definitely think that Caserio would be open to it, as he has a positive relationship with Josh McDaniels, but I don’t think that’s the way they are gonna go.”

    Easterby wants one thing, McNair wants another, and Caserio’s kind of in the middle. Allbright also described the Texans’ locker room as “toxic” right now.

    Allbright mentioned that the Texans look to be assembling a potential staff before they even get into the interview with Eric Bieniemy. It could be a move to be somewhat sneaky with their coaching positions and fill out staff for Bieniemy before he gets hired.

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