Texas Tech 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include SaRoderick Thompson, Marquis Waters, and Weston Wright

In our Texas Tech scouting reports, we examine the school's top six NFL Draft prospects, including SaRoderick Thompson and Marquis Waters.

Among the Texas Tech NFL Draft prospects is a potential top-10 selection, but are any of their other players set to be selected in the 2023 NFL Draft? Here are the Texas Tech scouting reports for their top prospects that declared for the draft this year.

Texas Tech 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Adrian Frye, CB

Strengths: Once highly rated cornerback who remains disciplined with assignments, is effective facing the action, and nicely tracks the pass in the air. Possesses an explosive closing burst, fires upfield on running plays or screens, and shows good recognition. Engages receivers at the line of scrimmage and quickly flips his hips in transition. Has punt-return experience.

Weaknesses: Not a secure tackler. Does not always take proper angles to the action. Really watched his game drop off the past three years.

Overall: Much was expected from Frye after a brilliant freshman season when he intercepted five passes, but he was never able to capitalize. Injury set him back the past two years, and he was fractionally effective for Texas Tech.

Foundationally, Frye possesses the size and athleticism and previously showed the ball skills to be a nickel back on Sundays, but he’s a long way from his previous self on the field.

Krishon Merriweather, LB

Strengths: Tough, forceful run-defending linebacker who plays faster than his 40 time. Explosive, sudden, and flashes on the scene. Possesses a closing burst, wraps up tackling, and brings opponents down in the open field. Forceful on the blitz. Flows well laterally and gives outstanding effort. Remains disciplined with coverage assignments.

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Weaknesses: Lacks pursuit speed and struggles catching the action from the backside. Cannot cut off the corners from ball handlers. Possesses average size and lacks growth potential.

Overall: Merriweather is a hard-charging, run-defending linebacker who accumulated 112 tackles for Texas Tech last season. He’s a two-down defender with poor testing numbers, but he has the mentality and intensity to back up at middle linebacker and play on coverage units.

Marquis Waters, S

Strengths: Aggressive safety who is best defending the run. Shows suddenness and flies around the action. Fires upfield to defend the run or screen plays. Slides off blocks, displays a good head for the ball, and immediately locates the action. Wraps up tackling.

Weaknesses: Average ability in coverage. Not a rangy safety. Lacks elite next-level speed.

Overall: Waters is an underrated run-defending safety who is best making plays downhill or in the box. Though his game has limitations, he possesses enough skill to be used in a zone system and comes with a special-teams mentality.

SaRodorick Thompson, RB

Strengths: Quick-footed ball carrier with the ability to create yardage. Patiently waits for blocks to develop, finds the running lanes, and squirts through small openings of the offensive line. Will pick and choose his spots on the inside, has a burst of speed, and does not go down without a fight.

Uses an effective straight arm to keep plays alive, runs with balance, and gets out in front as a blocker when necessary. Keeps his feet off the initial hit and shows a lot of strength in his ball-carrying.

Weaknesses: Watched his rushing totals and pass-catching numbers drop off significantly after his terrific sophomore season. Not a perimeter ball carrier. Average rushing instincts.

Overall: Thompson looked like a legitimate next-level prospect as a sophomore for Texas Tech, but his game has since leveled off. He possesses the size and ball-carrying skills to be a rotational back at the next level, though Thompson must return to where his game was in 2019 and build upon that.

Tyree Wilson, EDGE

Strengths: Incredibly athletic pass rusher who can be used in a variety of roles. Used out of a three-point stance as well as standing over tackle, breaks down well and consistently gets leverage on opponents. Overwhelming force who is fast up the field and can bend off the edge. Keeps his feet moving and bull rushes blockers off the line of scrimmage into the backfield.

Strong for his size and rarely off his feet. Displays speed moving to every area of the field and has a closing burst. Gives effort against the run and quickly collapses down the line in search of ball handlers. Athletic enough to play in space and gets depth on pass drops.

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Weaknesses: Does not always play with a sense of urgency. Lacks an explosive first step out of a three-point stance. Often out-positioned or easily blocked from the action.

Overall: Wilson is a dynamic defender who was a dominant force up front for Texas Tech. He comes with incredible upside and will be a big-time player at the next level if he steps up his intensity and improves the nuances of his game.

Want more information on Wilson? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Weston Wright, OL

Strengths: Strong, small-area blocker who is best in confined quarters. Sets with a wide base, possesses terrific size, and keeps his feet moving. Very good with his hands, anchors in pass protection, and turns defenders from plays to open up running lanes. Keeps his head on a swivel, works well with linemates, and always looks for someone to hit.

Weaknesses: Not a leverage blocker. Plays like an average athlete. Not light on his feet and shows minimal ability blocking in motion.

Overall: Wright possesses next-level size and strength, but he’s an arm wrestler who will have no career at the next level unless he learns to block with leverage.

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