“Huge Mistake” – Steelers Legend Gives His Thoughts on Trading for Justin Fields

Count Terry Bradshaw as one who doesn't want to see Justin Fields in a Steelers uniform. The NFL legend shared why he prefers Kenny Pickett.

Justin Fields could be bound for a new NFL home once teams can start getting the greenlight to make trades. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been thought of as a potential landing spot for the Chicago Bears quarterback.

Franchise legend Terry Bradshaw, however, blasted the idea of his Steelers making a deal with Chicago.

What Terry Bradshaw Said About the Justin Fields to Steelers Possibility

Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show Thursday, the NFL legend and longtime Fox Sports personality revealed who he believes is more deserving of the Steelers’ QB1 role: Kenny Pickett.

And this comes while Pickett has been heavily criticized in his city and by NFL fans for his lack of stellar play. Yet, the four-time Super Bowl winner isn’t ready to give up on the 2022 first-round selection. Bradshaw feels that by trading for Fields, the Steelers will make a costly mistake.

“They’re going to beat [Kenny] Pickett up, and they’re going to want to trade for Fields in Chicago. I say that’s a huge mistake,” Bradshaw told Eisen. “You don’t need Fields. Stay with what you have. Just build him up.”

Bradshaw included how there’s no need for the Steelers to draft a passer, as he believes Pickett is already the franchise QB moving forward.

Bradshaw Loves Kenny Pickett, Shares What Steelers Need To Do

Pickett has put up underwhelming results by Steeler fan standards.

He didn’t produce a single game with more than 280 passing yards in 2023. He even delivered a 73-yard outing against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Oct. 29. Even when Pickett was healthy for the playoff run after injuring his ankle against the Arizona Cardinals on Dec. 3, the Steelers rolled with the “hot hand” at the time Mason Rudolph instead of turning to Pickett.

Pickett has begun to have fans lose their patience with him. Bradshaw, however, sees otherwise.

“I love Pickett,” Bradshaw said. “I know him well, and he’s fiercely competitive, he’s a tough-minded kid, things don’t bother him. I really like him a lot.”

That was when Bradshaw began sending his pleas to the Steelers organization regarding what direction to go with the QB position.

“I’m going to say this for the 10,000th time this year: Surround not only Kenny but any of these young quarterbacks — the kid with the Bears — surround them with talent,” Bradshaw said.

But the focus was more on Pickett for Bradshaw. He states the Steelers can do better with building around him.

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“Get him another receiver. Get him another explosive tight end. Give him another tackle. Get him a guard. Have the ability to protect him and then give him guys on the outside. This is a passing league now. Give him people out there that can run and catch the football and that are smart,” Bradshaw declared. “He’s fine. That’s their guy.”

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I believe in Kenny Pickett as too. Bradshaw was put threw the runger in Pittsburgh. Look how he turned out. I can go on with the details but my thumbs are sore.

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