Any Given Friday: Taysom Hill the starter and Burrow pulling an Eli?

Taysom Hill a future NFL starting QB and could Joe Burrow pull an Eli/Elway and spurn the Bengals? Listen to the Any Given Friday podcast and find out!

This week on the Any Given Friday Podcast Corey Ashburn, Erik Wiedeke and I dive into the latest NFL news. This week we touched on Taysom Hill’s comments, the first weekend of the XFL, and if Joe Burrow could pull an Eli Manning/John Elway.

If you missed the roast of Taysom Hill this week than you missed out on the latest Twitter firestorm. He went trending on Twitter for comments on his future as an NFL player. Hill stated that he sees himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press put out this audio clip of him interviewing Hill during the Super Bowl week. During the podcast, we talk about the comments from Hill and the reaction from NFL Twitter. Could this be the downfall of Hill in the NFL?

While Hill is trying to be a quarterback in the NFL, the XFL had some past NFL quarterbacks playing this past weekend. Their (second) inaugural weekend started off very well and had football fans excited. While fans wait for the new NFL season to begin on March 18th, the XFL looks like it will keep football fans interested and will give them their football fix each weekend. It will still be something to watch as the AAF also had a good opening weekend and eventually failed. It does seem the XFL is under better leadership with commissioner Oliver Luck and owner Vince McMahon and hey, maybe Hill ends up as a quarterback in the XFL.

We rounded off the podcast diving into the Tua Tagovailoa 12-week check and if Joe Burrow could end up spurning the Cincinnati Bengals as Eli Manning did to the Los Angeles Chargers in 2004 and John Elway to the Baltimore Colts in 1983. It’s hard to imagine that Burrow has much leverage in a possible standoff, but it does seem like these things happen once every few decades.

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