SWAC 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports include Antwan Collier and Josh Wilkes

The SWAC scouting reports include some late-round steals and undrafted free agent possibilities in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Jackson State dominated the SWAC last season, going 8-0 in conference play. However, there are a number of prospects from other Southwestern teams that will be heading towards the 2022 NFL Draft. Here are the scouting reports for every draft-eligible SWAC player.

SWAC 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

The SWAC scouting reports include some late-round steals and undrafted free agent possibilities.

Antwan Collier, DB | Florida A&M

Positives: Underrated defensive back with an explosive style. Fast in every direction, works hard to get involved, and possesses a closing burst. Quick to read and diagnose, remains disciplined with assignments, and keeps the action in front of him. Immediately locates the pass, works to bracket receivers over the middle of the field, and displays the ability to stay with opponents downfield. Takes proper angles, plays physically, and willingly defends the run.

Negatives: Must improve his backpedal. Struggles getting off blocks and is easily taken from the action. Arrested on the Central Florida campus in October 2020 for carrying a concealed firearm.

Analysis: After first noticing Collier from his Central Florida playing days, he showed consistent improvement in his game. He possesses the size as well as the speed to play on Sundays. If his character checks out, he can be one of the bigger gems at the safety position from the spring.

Antwan Owens, DT | Jackson State

Positives: Underrated defensive tackle who watched his game take off last season after transferring from Georgia Tech. Fires off the snap with an explosive first step, keeps his feet moving, and works hard. Resilient, agile, and moves well about the field. Displays good change-of-direction skills, plays with proper pad level, and gets outside the box chasing the action. Consistently gets leverage on opponents.

Negatives: More of a first-step lineman who struggles getting off blocks. Marginally productive until last season.

Analysis: Owens is a quick, first-step lineman with solid size as well as growth potential. He’s a 3-technique prospect with an upside who was just a late bloomer.

Aqeel Glass, QB | Alabama A&M

Positives: Strong-armed passer who stands strong in the pocket, throws with a fluid over-the-top delivery, and easily withstands the rush. Patient, remains poised, and takes the underneath outlet if nothing else is available. Zips the ball through the tight spots, drives deep passes, and easily gets the ball downfield. Sits in the pocket and takes a big hit in order to get the throw away. Effectively commands and controls the offense. Looks off the safety and goes to secondary targets. Loses nothing throwing on the move.

Negatives: Does not sense the rush. Not a mobile quarterback who will pick up yardage with his feet. Must improve his pass placement, as his passes are all over the place and receivers are constantly adjusting to errant throws.

Analysis: Glass is a classic pocket passer with the arm talent to play at the next level. However, he must significantly improve his accuracy to ever make an active roster.

James Houston, LB | Jackson State

Positives: Former Florida Gator who is a forceful and explosive linebacker. Strong, sells out on the blitz, and makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage. Bends off the edge with speed and chases the action down the line. Breaks down well, easily alters his angle of attack, and shows speed in every direction. Occasionally comes out of a three-point stance and displays great first-step quickness. Effectively reads and diagnoses the action.

Negatives: Lacks the size for defensive end and gets engulfed at the point. Was a part-time player at Florida.

Analysis: Houston showed flashes of ability in Gainesville and then watched his game take off last season. He possesses average size yet is a forceful linebacker who can make an NFL roster if he proves last year was not the exception to the rule.

Ja’Tyre Carter, OT | Southern

Positives: Small-school left tackle with definite potential at guard. Sets with a wide base, bends his knees, and blocks with leverage. Strong, gets movement run blocking, and works to finish off opponents. Patient in pass protection, stays square, and seals defenders from the action with outstanding body positioning. Keeps his feet moving and works his hands throughout the action. Possesses long arms and an NFL build.

Negatives: Lacks agility, which hurts his ability to finish blocks. Does not make good use of angles in pass protection and lacks footwork sliding off the edge. Struggles redirecting to linebackers on the second level and shows limited skill blocking in motion.

Analysis: Carter is a power-gap lineman with nice size as well as growth potential. He has an upside and will flourish in the proper system.

Jonathan Giles, WR | Texas Southern

Positives: Former LSU receiver who flashed big-time ability early in his college career. Uses his hands to separate from defenders, shields opponents away with his frame, and comes away with the difficult reception. Reliable, extends his hands to make the catch away from his frame, and displays strong hands. Exposes himself to the big hit in order to come away with the reception. Stays square as a blocker and seals opponents from the action.

Negatives: Plays to one speed and lacks a second gear and the ability to run to deep balls. Not a sharp route runner. Never elevated his game the past few seasons.

Analysis: After a promising start at LSU, Giles transferred to Texas Southern, where he’s been nondescript the past few seasons. After previously looking like a slot receiver prospect who could also see return duty, Giles would be lucky to get a minicamp tryout based on recent results.

Josh Wilkes, WR | Arkansas Pine-Bluff

Positives: Reliable underneath receiver who fluidly releases off the line of scrimmage, tracks the pass in the air, and effectively times receptions. Easily adjusts to errant throws at full speed, consistently extends his hands to offer the quarterback a target, and makes the reception away from his frame. Possesses solid eye/hand coordination, stays focused, and displays soft as well as strong hands. Makes the difficult over-the-shoulder reception downfield.

Negatives: Doesn’t run sharp or crisp routes. Possesses marginal run-after-the-catch skill. Lacks a second gear and cannot run to deep balls. Limited upside.

Analysis: Wilkes is a nice-sized receiver with consistent hands who will be effective in underneath coverage if he improves his route running.

Juwan Taylor, S | Alcorn State

Positives: Instinctive safety with average size and speed. Breaks down well, fires up the field, and gives effort against the run. Effective when he wraps up tackling. Quick to read and diagnose plays, takes proper angles, and quickly gets to the sidelines chasing the action. Works to keep the action in front of him. Possesses a quick closing burst and drives his shoulders through ball handlers. Tracks the pass in the air and makes his move to the throw.

Negatives: Late and hesitant transitioning with receivers off the line. Not a stout tackler. Lacks deep speed.

Analysis: Taylor was a solid small-school safety who shows a lot of ability, but he must complete his game to have any chance of making an active roster.

Keenan Forbes, OL | Florida A&M

Positives: Wide-bodied blocker with surprising athleticism. Strong, stays with the action, and works blocks. Controls opponents at the point, uses his hands exceptionally well, and knocks defenders from the action with violent hand punch. Quick off the snap, fires out to the second level, and moves surprisingly well across the line of scrimmage. Looks much more athletic than his testing numbers would lend one to believe. Consistent leverage blocker who bends his knees and gets underneath opponents.

Negatives: Tends to fall off defenders rather than finishing blocks. Does not show the dominant strength you would expect from a big man.

Analysis: Forbes was a solid lineman the past two seasons at Florida A&M and possesses the size and upside to make a depth chart at the next level.

Keith Corbin III, WR | Jackson State

Positives: Former Houston receiver who quickly releases off the line of scrimmage, shows good route discipline, and displays focus as well as concentration. Separates from defenders through route running, comes back to the ball to make himself an available target, and adjusts to errant throws. Works hard even if the play is away from him.

Negatives: Plays to one speed and lacks a burst. Unnecessarily lets passes get inside him on occasion. Marginally productive while at Houston.

Analysis: Corbin displayed himself as a serious next-level prospect early in his career with the Cougars, but his game has fallen off. He’s always been a good red-zone threat at the college level, which will help his chances in the NFL.

Kemari Averett, TE | Bethune-Cookman

Positives: Large, somewhat athletic tight end who can take over games. Fluid releasing off the line of scrimmage, extends his hands to offer the quarterback a target, and makes the reception away from his frame. Possesses lineman-type size, makes the difficult catch in a crowd, and takes a pounding yet holds onto the throw.

Uses the sidelines well, displays a lot of natural pass-catching skill, and looks passes into his hands. Sets with a wide base as a blocker, bends his knees, and shows strength at the point. Possesses terrific blocking vision and gives effort. Seals defenders from the action or takes them from the play altogether. Always looking for someone to hit.

Negatives: Plays to one speed and lacks a burst. Had not played much football prior to last fall. Prior off-the-field issues from his days at Louisville must be looked into.

Analysis: Averett caught my eye when he played at Louisville before circumstances dictated he be dismissed from the program. After not playing for a period of time, he was dominant at points throughout the 2021 season. He possesses offensive tackle size but comes with outstanding pass-catching hands and offers enough skill to make a roster as a third tight end.

Markquese Bell, S | Florida A&M

Positives: Athletic safety who flashes brilliance. Effectively patrols center field, displays good range, and quickly gets out to the flanks. Gets depth on pass drops, plays faster than his 40 time, and shows the ability to recover. Sudden, flashes on the scene, and drives his shoulders through the ball handler to make the tackle. Keeps the action in front of him, is very effective in underneath coverage, and shows the ability to stay with receivers downfield. Quick locating the ball, flows to the action, and sells out on the blitz.

Negatives: Must improve his backpedal. Stiff in transition. Overpursues running plays. Inefficient and takes himself from the action.

Analysis: Bell possesses a tremendous amount of upside and has shown great skill on the field. He can line up over the slot receiver without being a liability. Bell needs proper coaching and must brush up his techniques, but I like his next-level possibilities.

Peytton Pickett, RB | Jackson State

Positives: Hard-charging downhill ball carrier who picks up a lot of yardage off initial contact. Patient, quick-footed, and displays outstanding running vision. Sees the field, cuts back in a small area, and runs with an aggressive style. Drives his shoulders through defenders, dishes out punishment, and falls forward when tackled. Does not go down without a fight. Sells pass routes.

Negatives: Plays to one speed and lacks a burst in his game. Not a creative ball carrier. Not a perimeter runner.

Analysis: Pickett is an average-sized power back who gets the most from his ability, yet he lacks an upside.

Xavier Smith, WR | Florida A&M

Positives: Undersized slot receiver prospect whose greatest value at the next level may be returning punts. Quickly releases off the line of scrimmage, comes back to the ball, and uses his frame to shield away defenders. Effective when he extends his hands to make the reception away from his frame and adjusts and contorts to grab errant throws. Displays a sense of timing on receptions, quickly turns upfield after the catch, and gives effort. Plays with terrific body control.

Negatives: Unnecessarily lets passes get inside him. Does not catch the ball cleanly and drops too many catchable throws. Gets poor results as a blocker.

Analysis: Smith possesses average size and speed and comes with questionable concentration. He must make an immediate impact on special teams to get out of camp this summer.

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