WATCH: Ranking the Best and Worst Super Bowl 58 Commercials

Some will be played for years, while others missed the mark. We discuss the best and the worst Super Bowl 58 commercials following the big game.

The commercials are a part of the allure the big game brings. While it’s not the reason why most people are tuned in, some actually do. Not only was the action thrilling on the field, but the Super Bowl 58 commercials brought the goods as well this year.

However, not all the ads hit the mark. We discuss the good and the bad of this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Best Super Bowl 58 Commercials

Every year you see some companies go above and beyond for their Super Bowl slot, and in this case, State Farm pulled out the big guns to make it happen.

Anytime you can get the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a commercial it’s going to lend itself to big production and some laughs. Add in Danny Devito for old-time’s sake, and you very well may have an instant classic commercial on your hands.

Such is the case for the State Farm Super Bowl commercial.

This commercial had a little bit of everything and is one of the best the game had to offer this year.

Dunkin’, meanwhile, pulled out all the stops this year with their Super Bowl commercial. The hilarious star-studded commercial featured Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, and several other celebrities.

With humor, absurdity, and lasting longevity, this commercial has a chance to be one of the greats that gets replayed for years to come.

Dunkin’ hit every mark for a Super Bowl commercial with this one.

Worst Super Bowl 58 Commercials

As good as some commercials were throughout the night, not every ad was a home run. Here are some misses that could have gone better during the big game that may have had these companies second-guessing the price tag they paid for the time slot. didn’t provide the viewers too much with this one. While they had promise with two hilarious comedians, there wasn’t much to do as far as something to remember.

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They had a second commercial throughout the night that had more star power with the addition of musical artist Lil Wayne, but despite that, it’s not an ad that will have longevity.

Reese’s new Super Bowl ad had its moments, but ultimately, it felt like we could expect more from the big candy brand.

The up-and-down humor provided was worth a chuckle, but when on the big stage like this, and you’re as big of a brand as they are, you need to bring it to another level.

It felt like a commercial you could see on any given day, not one worthy of the big game.

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