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    Sun Belt Scouting Reports for 2021 NFL Draft

    2021 NFL Draft | Sun Belt Scouting Reports: Georgia State Panthers

    Trajan Stephens-McQueen NFL Draft Scouting Report | Linebacker

    Positives: Two-year starter who led Georgia State with 110 tackles as a junior. A hard-working linebacker with poor size and play speed. Effectively reads and diagnoses plays, stays with assignments, and flows well to the action, taking proper angles. Effectively uses his hands, sells out to make plays, and gives effort defending the run. Wraps up ball handlers, bringing them down at the point of attack.

    Negatives: Easily knocked off balance by the initial block. Plays to one speed and lacks burst. Struggles pedaling in reverse.

    Analysis: Stephens-McQueen was a hard-working college linebacker, but he’s a one-dimensional run defender who lacks measurables for the next level.

    2021 NFL Draft | Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns

    For information on Louisiana-Lafayette running back Elijah Mitchell, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

    For information on Louisiana-Lafayette running back Trey Ragas, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

    2021 NFL Draft | Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks

    Josh Johnson NFL Draft Scouting Report | Running Back

    Positives: Three-year starter coming off a disappointing senior campaign. Short but wide-bodied ball carrier who is best between the tackles. Runs hard on the inside, punishes defenders, and displays vision. Effectively follows blocks, keeps his feet moving, and shows power in his lower body.

    Rarely brought down by the first defender and picks up a lot of yardage off initial contact. Patient, helps the quarterback sell ball fakes, and displays himself as a capable receiver out of the backfield.

    Negatives: Not a creative back who improvises. Lacks the speed and quickness to beat defenders around the corner. Gets in trouble when he tries to run east and west.

    Analysis: Johnson was highly graded by scouts coming into the season but fell short of expectations. He’s a short-yardage ball carrier who is best between running downhill and very one-dimensional in his game.

    2021 NFL Draft | South Alabama Jaguars

    Kawaan Baker NFL Draft Scouting Report | Wide Receiver

    Positives: Three-year starter who also returned kicks in college. Nice-sized receiver with an inconsistent game. Flashes quickness in and out of breaks, displays a sense of timing, and consistently catches the ball with his hands.

    Gets vertical and extends to pull the pass from the air. Uses his frame to shield away defenders and protect the ball. Comes back to the pass, makes the reception, and immediately turns it upfield running after the catch.

    Negatives: Struggles in battles and loses out when he should not. Lets throws get inside him or slip through his hands. Lazily comes off the line when he’s not involved in the action. Gives pedestrian effort blocking.

    Analysis: Baker possesses the size and speed for the next level, but he’s never displayed a consistent game, drops too many passes, and loses out in too many battles. He comes with an upside, and if he plays well this summer, Baker should get consideration for a practice squad.

    Riley Cole NFL Draft Scouting Report | Linebacker

    Positives: Two-year starter who led South Alabama with 96 tackles in 10 games last season. Tough, instinctive linebacker who gets the most from his ability. Keeps the action in front of him, gives outstanding effort, and quickly reads and diagnoses the action. Remains disciplined with assignments, displays good change-of-direction skills, and chases the action hard. Efficient and takes proper angles. Solid open-field tackler who sells out to make plays.

    Negatives: Lacks speed and is marginally effective in pursuit. Easily out-positioned by blocks or washed from the play.

    Analysis: Cole has shown consistent development in his game the past two years and plays with instinct and intensity. He lacks great athleticism but could be a backup at the next level and lend a helping hand on coverage units.

    2021 NFL Draft | Troy Trojans

    Khalil McClain NFL Draft Scouting Report | Wide Receiver

    Positives: Hutchinson Community College transfer who started the past two seasons at Troy. Large, physical receiver who plays big football. Comes back to the ball to make himself an available target, uses his frame to shield away defenders, and exposes himself to the big hit in order to make the catch.

    Displays good awareness, tracks the pass in the air, and displays eye/hand coordination as well as focus. Nicely adjusts to the errant throw. Exceptional downfield blocker.

    Negatives: Lacks a quick release off the line of scrimmage, shows a limited burst, and really doesn’t play to his 40-time. Does not possess naturally soft hands and tends to drop difficult receptions that he should come away with.

    Analysis: McClain was highly rated by scouts coming into this season but showed little development in his game. He possesses a good amount of upside but needs to fine-tune the details of his position.

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