The Story Behind Donna Kelce’s Split Jersey: Jason and Travis’ Mom Takes Center Stage

    Donna Kelce, mother of Jason and Travis, witnessed history in the Super Bowl and garnered attention for her dual-supporting jersey. But where did it come from?

    The Kelce family has taken center stage over the last year, and with that comes another budding star in their family: Momma Kelce. Donna Kelce, the mother of both Travis and Jason has captured the hearts of fans across the league as she navigates having two superstar sons in the NFL.

    While the Kelce brothers have been some of the league’s best at their respective positions over the years, Donna has stayed quite in the background for most of it. That is until her sons squared off in last year’s Super Bowl, which pitted the two brothers against one another to see who would reign supreme over the NFL.

    While this is going on, Donna has been supporting both of her extremely talented sons equally. So equally, in fact, instead of wearing a traditional jersey of either Travis or Jason, she decided to have a custom-made Kelce jersey that represented both at the same time.

    Donna Kelce’s Custom-Made Jersey Enshrined in HOF

    In February of 2023, Donna became the first mom in NFL history to have her two sons play against one another in the Super Bowl, and while there, she was completely decked out in her sons’ gear showing support equally from head to toe.

    The jersey was designed and made by a Maryland-based business that makes custom sports merchandise and other products called “Passion for Ezra.” In addition to the custom jersey, Donna wore custom shoes that were made by Becky Zielinski.

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    After wearing the jersey and shoe combination for the big game, it will forever sit at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

    Before the NFL enshrined the memorabilia and put the piece of history on display, both Travis and Jason signed their mother’s jersey for her. Travis signed the front of the jersey with “Love you, Mommy!” while Jason signed the back affectionately with “Love you Momma!”

    Donna and the rest of the Kelce family have been taken to the popularity well, and the family has been well received by fans and the NFL world, as the feat their family accomplished last year was a cool sight to see.

    As 2023 is underway, and Donna’s star power continues to grow, one may begin to wonder if she may possibly see both her sons get a chance to do it again and be the first mother to ever have her sons in the Super Bowl twice.

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