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    Sports Journalist Pitches Colin Kaepernick to New York Jets, Tweeting “Y’all Need To Give This Up”

    After Aaron Rodgers' injury, who will fill the starting quarterback slot for the New York Jets? A sports journalist has an unconventional suggestion.

    Sports journalist Jemele Hill pitched former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a potential quarterback for the New York Jets.

    Aaron Rodgers tragically tore his Achilles in his debut New York Jets game against the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football on September 11. His season-ending injury has left a possible slot for a quarterback on the New York team.

    Sports Journalist Jemele Hill Speaks Up

    Accomplished sports journalist Hill tweeted out a solution to the New York Jets’ quarterback debacle on Monday night.

    She was quick to say that the quarterback’s name, which rhymes with “Happernick,” would be the perfect team addition.

    The sports reporter was not the only person who felt this might be a good fit. Allegedly, Kaepernick’s agent reached out to the New York Jets on Tuesday.

    New York Jets’ Starting Quarterback Slot

    In less than 24 hours after Rodgers’ injury, he had already been assigned to retirement, an assisted living home, and a good cane company. He also had replacements suggested all over the NFL.

    He is a 39-year-old quarterback with a season-ending injury, so a retirement is possible, but let’s not get him a gravestone just yet.

    However, a replacement is required. Zach Wilson needs a new job or more work, so he’s not a strong candidate. Maybe Rodgers can help him from a hospital bed on the sidelines.

    The need for a quarterback has kicked off the entire conversation about Kaepernick.

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    The Jets do not have a third-string quarterback, leaving Wilson as the only healthy man in the position and a sitting duck for injury.

    Colin Kaepernick Right Man for the Job?

    The Jets allegedly don’t think so, despite Hill’s suggestion. They’re looking for a backup quarterback, and Kaepernick doesn’t seem to fit the bill. He certainly doesn’t know the systems or the staff due to his long NFL hiatus.

    Head coach Robert Saleh made it clear that Wilson is the man for the team despite doubts from fans in a Jets press conference:

    “I want to make it very clear — Zach is our quarterback. We have a lot of faith in Zach, and we are really excited about this opportunity. We are rolling with Zach, and we are excited for him and this opportunity he is going to get.”

    Honestly, it was a little sad to see the likely quick denial of Kaepernick as a potential Jets quarterback.

    It’s not entirely surprising, though. Kaepernick is nearly as old as Rodgers at 35 years old, and he hasn’t been on the gridiron in the NFL for over six years.

    People have great points for why Kaepernick did not receive appropriate treatment by the NFL at the tail end of his career due to his expression of his personal convictions.

    Unfortunately, his chance at redeeming himself with a career comeback is less and less likely with his advanced age and time off the field.

    Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, and the high school quarterback down the street are all better candidates for the QB position than Wilson. The Jets should reconsider while they still have the chance.

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