Southern 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports include Cole Strange and Jason Poe

The Southern scouting reports include a number of possible late-round prospects and undrafted free agent steals.

East Tennessee State dominated the Southern Conference last season. However, only two prospects will be leaving the school and heading toward the 2022 NFL Draft. Still, there are a number of other prospects leaving the conference. Here are the scouting reports for every draft-eligible player from the Southern Conference.

Southern Conference 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

The Southern scouting reports include a number of possible late-round prospects and undrafted free agent steals.

Adrian Hope, LB | Furman

Positives: Marginally athletic linebacker who gets the most from his ability. Breaks down well, rarely gets knocked off his feet, and works hard to get involved in the action. Stands over tackle, fires up the field defending the run, and sells out on the blitz. Easily changes direction and displays a good head for the ball. Stays with assignments.

Negatives: Possesses average quickness and speed. Struggles getting off blocks. Gets little penetration.

Analysis: Hope was a hard-working linebacker for Furman, yet he lacks the size, speed, and upside for the next level.

Cameron McCutcheon, CB | Western Carolina

Positives: Tall corner who is best facing the action. Physical, tracks the pass in the air, and gives effort in coverage. Has a nice move to the throw and possesses long arms that he uses to knock away the ball. Quick up the field and strong defending the run. Solid special-teams player.

Negatives: Possesses average quickness and speed. Lacks a closing burst.

Analysis: McCutcheon possesses next-level size but comes with poor speed and must play in a system where he faces the action.

Cole Strange, OL | Tenn-Chattanooga

Positives: Versatile small-school offensive lineman whose draft stock has been on a straight shot north the past nine months. Starts with good knee bend, plays with leverage, and fires off the snap into blocks. Strong run blocker who is explosive and turns defenders from the line.

Stays square, gets good fits on defenders, and seals opponents from the action. Fires to the second level, immediately engages linebackers, and gets a pad on opponents to knock them from their angles of attack. Used at both left tackle and left guard in college and also offers potential at center.

Negatives: Lacks top footwork in space. Must be more consistent with his hand placement. Was not a dominant drive-blocking lineman on the small-school level.

Analysis: Strange possesses terrific size and outstanding growth potential as well as positional versatility for the next level. After a solid senior season, he performed well during Senior Bowl practices and went on to have a terrific Combine workout. Strange needs to improve the details of his game. However, he has starting potential and could be working with the first team by the end of his rookie season.

Want more information on Strange? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Cole Strange, Tenn-Chattanooga OL | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Devin Wynn, RB | Furman

Positives: Consistent ball carrier with average speed. Patiently waits for blocks to develop, possesses terrific footwork, and keeps his feet moving. Strong for his size and falls forward when tackled. Quickly cuts back against the grain and loses no momentum changing direction. Occasionally lines up in the slot and displays himself as a solid pass catcher.

Negatives: Plays to one speed and really does not show burst in his game. Runs with a bit of an upright style.

Analysis: Wynn was a solid small-school ball carrier who comes with marginal upside. If he displays the ability to catch the ball in camp this summer, he could be a surprise roster player.

Jason Poe, OL | Mercer

Positives: Super-athletic blocker who has garnered a lot of hype recently. Explodes off the snap, quickly pulls across the line of scrimmage, and displays the ability to immediately get out to the second and even third level. Squares into linebackers and defensive backs and takes them from the action. Plays with a nasty attitude, keeps his head on a swivel, and hits as many defenders as possible on a single snap. Displays excellent awareness, can slide in space, and is active in pass protection.

Negatives: Must do a better job bending his knees and blocking with leverage. Shows stiffness and struggles to adjust. Loses technique blocking in motion. Lacks desired height.

Analysis: Poe has been making a lot of waves since his sensational pro day workout and offers possibilities in a zone-blocking system. And though many are excited about his potential, Poe is a long way from being NFL-ready — he must improve his fundamentals if he’s ever to make an active NFL roster.

Montrell Washington, WR | Samford

Positives: Small, speedy receiver who also helps out on special teams. Terrific route runner who quickly releases off the line of scrimmage and immediately gets to top speed. Fires into breaks, stays low on exit, and comes back to the ball. Extends his hands to make the catch away from his frame.

Plays with balance as well as body control. Battles to come away with the difficult reception and displays outstanding focus as well as concentration. Gives effort blocking. Effective returning kicks and running reverses, displays vision, and follows blocks everywhere on the field.

Negatives: Small, needs space to work, and struggles in battles. Does not have a high yards-per-catch average despite his speed and quickness.

Analysis: Washington is an explosive triple-threat skill player who can help out as a receiver, a return specialist, and on reverses. He projects as a slot wideout and could surprise in camp this summer.

Quay Holmes, RB | East Tennessee State

Positives: Nice-sized ball carrier who is also effective catching the ball out of the backfield. Runs with good lean, strong, and picks up yardage off initial contact. Patient, waits for blocks to develop, and works runs. Displays outstanding vision and picks his spots through traffic. Extends his hands to make the reception away from his frame. Possesses good short-area quickness.

Negatives: Lacks a burst through the hole and plays to one speed. Not a creative ball carrier that improvises if things break down. Marginally effective as a blocker.

Analysis: Holmes comes off a tremendous 2021 campaign, and he’s a potential short-yardage back that can also help the team as a pass catcher in the short field.

Raleigh Webb, WR | Citadel

Positives: Physically talented receiver who competes to come away with the difficult catch, adjusts to errant throws, and gets up in a crowd. Extends his hands to offer the quarterback a target and makes the reception away from his frame. Displays outstanding focus as well as concentration and makes the difficult over-the-shoulder reception at full speed. Looks passes into his hands. Terrific downfield blocker. Solid special-teams player who works hard on coverage units.

Negatives: Has an unpolished game and a limited route tree. Possesses average quickness, displays a limited burst, and doesn’t always play to his 40 time. Does not always win out in battles.

Analysis: Webb possesses the size and speed to play in the NFL at face value. However, he never developed his game, in large part due to the offense employed by The Citadel. He’s a hard-working receiver with an upside, but he’ll have to work his way through special teams to earn a spot at the next level.

Rogan Wells, QB | Western Carolina

Positives: Nice-sized signal-caller with upside and tools to work with. Patient, scans the field, and possesses a strong arm. Easily gets the ball downfield and delivers a catchable throw. Knows where receivers are on the field, buys as much time as possible, and rolls outside the pocket if necessary. Sells ball fakes, throws with an over-the-top delivery, and puts air under deep passes. Senses the rush, steps up to avoid defenders, and takes the safe underneath outlet if nothing is available. Displays a sense of timing on throws.

Negatives: Must improve his accuracy. Misses open receivers, which results in lost opportunities. It sometimes requires wideouts to reach backward for errant throws. Possesses small hands that reportedly measure just over eight inches.

Analysis: Wells possesses the size and arm strength to play at the next level but must really improve his accuracy and pass placement.

Tyree Robinson, S | East Tennessee State

Positives: Explosive and hard-hitting safety with solid size and speed. Instinctive, stays with assignments, and takes good angles to plays. Tracks the pass in the air, displays an explosive burst to the ball out of his plant, and quick to close. Works hard getting off blocks, then fires upfield and makes the tackle. Displays solid range moving to the flanks.

Negatives: Not a stout safety. Doesn’t always wrap up tackling, and at times, does too much knocking down.

Analysis: Robinson is a tough and heady safety coming off a terrific senior campaign. Underrated in the scouting community, he offers possibilities in a zone system and can play over the slot receiver.

Willie Eubanks III, LB | Citadel

Positives: Hard-working, pass-rushing linebacker who breaks down well, shows outstanding awareness, and quickly locates the ball. Flows well to the action and moves well laterally. Fires up the field and sells out defending the run. Chases hard and gives a lot of effort. Quick collapsing outside-in to get to the action.

Negatives: Stiff and slow pedaling in reverse. Does not show a closing burst. Not a stout tackler. Limited upside.

Analysis: Eubanks is a hard-working, small-school linebacker with average physical skills. He’s a two-down defender who must earn his wage on special teams at the next level.

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