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    Sauce Gardner Reveals Mac Jones Committed Another “Dirty” Play on Sunday – “I Do Got To Ice Up”

    Players around the NFL are calling Patriots QB Mac Jones a dirty player following his latest questionable incident, this time with Sauce Gardner.

    New England Patriots QB Mac Jones is quickly developing a reputation around the NFL as one of the league’s dirtiest players. Jones has a lengthy history of “dirty” antics, and the pattern continued on Sunday as the Patriots signal-caller took shots at New York Jets CB Sauce Gardner’s nether region.

    The rivalry between the Patriots and Jets has been a heated one for a long time, and Sunday’s exchange does nothing to dispel the notion that these two teams do not like one another. The Jets took out their frustration on the Patriots QB, slamming him to the turf on multiple occasions.

    Gardner made no bones about the incident, sharing the video evidence on social media to avoid a fine with the NFL front office. Jones is viewed by many as a dirty player, dating back to his days at Alabama.

    Why Is Mac Jones Considered a Dirty Player?

    In 2021, Jones injured Panthers edge rusher Brian Burns when he grabbed Burns’ ankle during a strip-sack of the Patriots QB. As Burns ran to recover the loose ball, Jones grabbed his ankle and performed a “gator roll” maneuver meant to injure. Burns sprained his ankle as a result of the incident, and Jones got off scot-free.

    Players around the league didn’t take kindly to the play, as it seemed clear that Jones was attempting to injure another player purposefully.

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    At the time of the incident, Haason Reddick played for the Panthers and had this to say” “The next thing you know, I saw him tugging on Burns’ ankle. I thought it was completely dirty.”

    In 2022, Jones attempted to injure Bears safety Jaquan Brisker, not once, but twice. Jones scrambled and put his leg out to injure Brisker. The first time the Bears defensive back was able to avoid the contact. The second time, he was not so lucky, taking a shot below the belt.

    Again, in 2022, the Bengals were returning a fumble, and Jones went after Eli Apple’s legs for no apparent reason. Apple was away from the play, and it made no logical sense for Jones to throw his body at Apple that way.

    Apple called out the Patriots QB for the dirty play, and the NFL league office agreed, fining Jones for his actions. Jones has displayed a repeatable pattern of dirty behavior on the football field. It remains to be seen if Jones receives a call or a fine from the NFL front office this time around.

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